Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Captain says...

"Happy Halloween!"

PS. Thanks so much to Jillian for making his adorable Jean Luc Picard costume!!

PSS. Star Trek is NOT nerdy know...because of the new movie.

PSSS. Yes, we just happen to have an outer space blanket we could use as a backdrop for this picture. It is also NOT nerdy at all.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

We have tried to grow pumpkins for the last few years. We were finally successful this year! Well...sorta successful. We had this one good looking pumpkin...but then the squires ate it. Nick was very sad. So, when our second (and final) pumpkin popped up on the vine, Nick build it this little house to keep it safe and sound! We are very proud of our little pumpkin in it's little house.
Henry and Nick, excited about finally picking the great pumpkin
Just a man and his is much cuter than the other, if you ask me.
His mighty crop!!
Now they just have to carve it up and we are good for Halloween!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Toy

My sisters surprised me with an iphone for my birthday! They are way too good to me. I am completely in love. (Mainly with the phone...but also with my sisters...and Nick too)

Expect lots of high quality pictures like this one now that I have my new toy...

Henry: "I am going to take this passie out and tell you what's what if you don't stop taking my picture with that thing!"

Mama: "HOLD STILL!!" *click*delete*click*delete*...

PS. I will gladly take all suggestions on App's you love! I am currently adding high quality things like "What's your IQ?" and "Wooden Labyrinth". Good times.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy 30th ME!

It's true. I guess I am going to have to change that description of me over on the side that says "twenty-something" because it is now a lie. Of course, I think Henry was three months before I took off that I was pregnant, so we will see how long I choose to live the lie. Anyway, it's my 30th BIRTHDAY!

My sweet husband planned a perfect birthday part for me on Saturday. We went on a train ride to see the leaves changing (Nick and I LOVE fall so it was a perfect birthday idea!) We then went out to dinner at a nice little place here in town, then headed back to our house for cake. It was perfect. Really really perfect.

On top of the perfect day, Nick made me a picture frame wall as my gift. He got all the frames, printed all the pictures, put it together and hung it up all without me having any idea. I have wanted to do this FOREVER, and I LOVE it. It is so amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Then yesterday my Nana took me to see Hello Dolly for my birthday. You know how I love going to plays, so it was just great. All that, and my actual birthday is still today! I am going out to lunch with some friends who couldn't make it on Saturday, then out to dinner with my family and back to my house for more cake! Good lord, I am spoiled. I guess with all of this I am actually okay with turning THIRTY!

Now to some pictures... First, the picture frame wall. Did I tell you I LOVE this?? Because I LOVE this. Like, so much that it makes me want to cry a little.
And now to the actual birthday events. Here is the group of us that went on the train. I think everyone really enjoyed it!
Me and Nick waiting to get on the train...for my 30th BIRTHDAY. Attempting to get a picture where it isn't obvious that we are in a different row than Chris...I think we failed...and yet I love this picture
I think I loved this day all around, because every single picture makes me happy. Look at Andy...just...the wave...happy birthday to me.
Boo and Chris enjoying the ride going backwards. Like the Racers at Kings Island. Going backwards is a totally different experience.
A pretty shot out the window. The train went at a neck-breaking ten miles an hour, so we were able to get some good shots. Also, things look very green in these pictures, but the leaves really were changing and were very pretty
Candice told the train conductor it was my's my favorite thing for people to know. Especially when they get on the intercom and have the entire train sing "Happy Birthday" I was a little embarrassed in this picture. Thanks Aunt Candice.
But THEN, since it was my birthday and everything, they let us come up and ride in the FRONT of the train!! Totally worth the singing!!
And they took our picture...which I love. And will be getting added to the picture frame wall ASAP!
And they let me blow the horn. Like, A LOT. And when I got back to my seat I was all like, "I blew the HORN!!" to Nick, and he was all like, "YEAH....we ALL heard!"
Out the front window. pretty cool.
I then hung my sisters camera out the side of the train...not sure she was thrilled about it, but I like the picture!
After the train we went out to dinner with even more friends, but somehow I took no pictures of this. Thanks Ryan and Arielle for coming!! We had so much fun! After that we went back to our house with everyone, and my cousin Liz and my perfect Godson Wesley came for cake. He is just such a sweet, sweet boy. We are very lucky in our family!
Me with my cake...and all THIRTY candles. For the record, it took me like four blows to get them all out. SHAME.
And finally, here is a really great picture of me and my Nana yesterday at Hello Dolly. Thank you Nana! XOXOXO
All in all, it has been a perfect 30th birthday.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting ready for Halloween

Mama: So Henry, did you know there is a pretty big holiday coming up? Henry : Am I sitting crooked?? I feel kinda crooked...
Mama: Henry! Pay attention! Halloween is coming!
Henry: ...

Henry: Mama...I am not so sure about's got a face...I think it's creepy.
Mama:You are the cutest little think I have EVER SEEN!
Henry: *eye roll*
Henry: Mom...
Mama: So so so cute!!!
Henry: Mom...what I am looking for is something sorta or something. You got anything like that?
Henry: That's what I'm talking about! Now just spike my hair up a little...
Mama: hair??
Henry: Shut up
Mama: I have one more thing...
Henry: Is it a wallet with a chain on it? Oh please let it be a wallet with a chain on it. It would really complete the look!

Henry: Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no.
Mama: *burst into tears at cuteness* *kiss*kiss*hug*hug*kiss*kiss*
Henry: At least there are only eight days until this is all over...surely there are no other holidays that will require this many outfits.

Henry: What the....oh. wait. Did you say this holiday has to do with FOOD? Oh, I think I LOVE this one!!

Mama: Now where can I find a Pilgrims hat??

**for the record, NONE of these are his actual Halloween costume. That will be seen later**

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Three Years

Three years ago today I married my very best friend. This year has been filled with pregnancy and Henry. It has been filled with love and family and time together. This year has been magic. I love Nick more now than the day I married him. Something I didn't think was possible. He is an amazing husband. An amazing father. I am so very lucky to have found my perfect match.

Monday, October 19, 2009


My sisters took me out on Saturday as an early birthday present (my birthday is still a week away..and also, they also got me a Chi hair straighter...the LOVE. Oh my. My hair will forever be grateful to them!!) Anyway, we headed out for lunch and a movie (we saw Love Happens...which was cute. I debated over some other movies, but when it came down to it, I know Nick would NEVER see Love Happens, so the decision was made) We had such a great time. Laughing and talking at lunch. Laughing (and maybe talking a little) during the movie. Laughing and talking the entire way home. And it got me thinking.

I love my sisters. I love them more than I can really tell you. I love them like they are apart of myself. I guess, actually, the are a part of myself. A part that I cannot live without. I know everyone is not as close to their siblings as I am, and I know I am so so lucky. My sisters are my very best friends. My closest confidants, my truest defenders. They will fight to the death to defend me, even if they know I am wrong. They love Nick like a brother and they love Henry like their own child. They are my sweet and perfect sisters.

And as I think of them, I realize how much I want more children. Not in the way I wanted Henry. I wanted Henry for me and for Nick. I wanted Henry...more than I have ever wanted anything. It was the most selfish desire. I NEEDED him. And now, when I think of having more, I know I WANT them. I know my heart will grow and I will love them as I love Henry. I will be unable to think of my life before them. But for now, my heart is full. For now my heart is happy with my perfect boy. Now, I want other children for me, but I need them for Henry. For him to have a chance at having what my sisters and I have. That very perfect best friend. That true confidant. That person who will defend you to the death, even when they know you are wrong. I hope we are able to give him siblings, because I want the best for him. And the best for me are my sisters. I cannot imagine my life without them.

I love you girls. Thanks for my perfect birthday gift and my perfect day with you two!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Moving the Last Post Down the Page

I don't really have much to blog about today, but I was tired of looking at that post that just bitched about my allergy situation, so...Tada! Another picture of Henry in his hat!! Seriously, he is so stinkin' adorable. Anyway, I am off to watch some football and snuggle up on the couch with my boys. Hope you all have a great Sunday.

PS. I am calling a different doctor tomorrow. I found out that apparently I can't even have allergy shots while pregnant or breast feeding...and I am just frustrated that they didn't mention that to me from the start. I am not even sure I want to try to find a new doctor or even bother with the testing now...which I guess is exactly what my insurance company is hoping for. Hmph.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Hate Insurance Companies...and Doctors...and Basically Everyone who Disagrees with Me

So, I have Allergies. I have had seasonal allergies my entire life and just deal with them. I take my medications in the fall and spring and I am a-ok. Things got a little tricky when I was twenty and all of a sudden, totally out of left field, I developed an allergy to raw apples (they are fine when cooked, but raw if off limits). I know it's odd. It is a pretty bad allergy honestly. So bad that I cannot even cut apples without my hands breaking out in hives. At the same time that this happened I also became allergic to bing cherries and to pears. Not nearly as upsetting of as loss as my beloved apples, but still, a loss.

So, this is all something that has been going on for nearly ten years and isn't really something worth talking about...except recently I have noticed that I seem to be having MORE allergic reactions than normal. Like...when I walked into my sisters house and she was baking an apple pie. And I had a reaction to the raw apples IN THE AIR. Right. Seems worrisome. I mean, I can avoid apples when it is eating and touching, but how can I avoid EVER being in the presence of someone eating an apple?? Tricky.

Then I went to Chicago and got a pumpkin spice latte made with soy milk. And I had an allergic reaction. Not a serious one, but it was clear I was having an issue. I then had some pumpkin pie made with soy milk and again had a reaction. So...I decide it is high time I see an ENT about this little allergy problem. I wish I could say I was going to make sure I didn't have some crazy reaction and die, but really it was the pumpkin. I love pumpkin....and the holidays are coming...and...and... I just want to be told it was the soy. I can do this no diary thing during the holidays, but I CANNOT give up pumpkin.

This post is getting much longer than I expected...anyway, I went to the doctor. He was all like, "Oh MY! You need allergy testing!!!!" And I was like, "yeah, that's why I am here... I want food testing" and he is all like, "okay...but I want you to get tested for EVERYTHING!! Everything under the sun! If we have it, we are TESTING!!" (I am paraphrasing here) and I am all like, "GO FOR IT! Better safe than sorry!"

So...long story short, I get a call from the office and they have called my insurance and my insurance will only cover 60 allergy tests. Apparently the doctor had ordered 144. And each additional test is $8. So...that is a grand total of $672. SIX HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO DOLLARS. For tests that my doctor ordered! Because I am ALLERGIC. And I NEEEEEEED them.

So I call the insurance. They confirm this 60 test max. They then tell me that the doctor can write a letter saying that I NEEEEEEED the tests and they might be covered. I think all is right with the world. This sounds easy! The doc can fix everything with his magic letter!! So I call and ask. And...he says No. NO. Because I came to him asking for testing. WHAT?? How else do you get to the doctor besides saying, "GUESS WHAT??? I am ALLERGIC!" So...then I ask for the food testing only. That is 64 allergens. I can swing the $32. And the Evil Allergy doc says NO. He says I have to have the basic inhalant stuff first. The other 80 test. THEN I can be tested for the foods. am at a loss. I want the food testing, but we definitely don't have the $672 for the whole sha-bam. I just want to know what I need to keep away from. I want to know how severe the apple situation is. I want to know if I need a damn eppi pen. That is all.

So, in sum of this long angry post. I want food allergy testing and they wont give it to me unless I come up with nearly seven hundred dollars. I hate insurance companies and doctors and all those people that don't just listen to me. The end.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Five Months

Dear Henry,

Hello my sweet boy. I cannot believe another month has already passed and you are now five months old. It is so amazing to watch you grow and learn as each month passes. A few nights ago we put together your office (exersaucer) and you love it so much! You will happily sit in there and "work" as long as we will let you. There is one part that makes noise when you push it, and it gives you such joy when you do it right. You will look up at us with this huge smile as if to say, "LOOK Mama and Papa! Look what I can do!!" It is just amazing. The way you learn, and the way you take pride in your accomplishments. The joy it gives you. It is wonderful to watch, and overwhelming to be responsible for.
You have started to notice Ellie recently. She comes up to give you kisses in your office and you think that is so funny. Sometimes you even put your hands out to touch her. When your Papa makes her bark you think it is so funny too, and you will laugh and laugh. We love to see you and your puppy enjoying each other because you both give us so much joy.
You rolled over for the first time this month, and you are very close to rolling over from your back to your belly as well. You now arch up on your side to see what is going on around you. It is clear that you want to be in the know at all times. If you are on the couch and someone comes in, you turn around to see them, then flash them your sweet sweet smile. You love to stand up and pretty much want to do it all the time. I think that is one of the reasons you love your office so.
You have had lots of firsts this month. You had your first food, which you love! You will eat as much food as we make for you and sometimes cry for more. For now you are just eating rice cereal, but I know you will love other foods when we get to give them to you. This month you also took your very first overnight trip. We went to Chicago and you had such a wonderful time. We took you all over the city and you just took it all in, grinning at strangers and loving every moment. You make things so easy.
I know one day you will get tired of hearing me say this, but oh my, I love you. I love you so much more than I knew was possible. Your laugh and smile, even your cries, they fill my heart with overflowing love for you. Slowly you are gaining your own personality, your own likes and dislikes and it is amazing to see. Amazing to watch you slowly becoming just so slightly independent. To watch you learn and to try new things. Henry, we are so proud of you. Our sweet, smart, growing little boy. You fill my heart.


Monday, October 12, 2009


I am struggling to find topics to blog about beyond Henry. I haven't really had this issue before, but for some reason now I just have a hard time getting my thoughts down into posts. Actually... I know the reasons I am struggling, but it is because of those reasons that I am hesitant to even talk about them on here. It is hard to be private with a public blog. It is hard to voice true feelings and frustrations when I find out who is reading. I know I put it all out on the Internet to be read, but then it shocks me to learn that not just friends and family are reading, not just random strangers and blogging friends, but other people. People that I know, but am not so sure I want quite so "in the know" about my thoughts and feelings.

I have become very self aware of my writing. To the point of paralization. "Do they want to read this?" , "Is this too personal?" , "Am I sharing too much?" "grammar...", "spelling...", "PERSONAL...". It is officially getting to me. And it is coming out in my writing. Or my lack of writing. So I keep going back to Henry. A worthy topic, but not the ONLY topic. I just don't know. This blog started as a place for me to talk about anything and everything, and now it feels more like an obligation. I love it and am not leaving it, but I just want to get back to where it started. All about my life. Not only about my son.

It used to be something I posted on without caring who read. I have always had some family members reading, but now I have more than ever before. "what do they think of all of this? Is it too much?". People coming to see Henry, and I am glad they are here. Thrilled that they love him so. But...what will they think when the posts go from Henry to me. To my personal feelings and thoughts and life? I am inviting people to read, then feeling guilty when I talk of things other than the baby. Worried that things I think are funny or amusing are not to them. I don't care when it is strangers...they can take or leave my blog and that is fine. But it is more personal when it is family and friends. More hurtful to be judged or disliked. Not that ANYBODY has disliked it or complained, which makes my feelings even more complicated. Everyone seems to like it, but yet it makes me want to write better, try harder. And when I don't have time to write better and try harder then I just delete it or don't even try to write it in the first place. This is only my fault and not anyone elses, but I am putting this pressure on myself.

Then someone mentions it at work, and everything seems different. Do I want the powers that be reading about my struggles with breast feeding? Do I want my employers reading about how exhausted I am, or how much I wish to stay home with Henry? How will they take that? Do they take me seriously? Do they think I would leave, when I need and love my job? How do I handle it when they take it upon themselves to delve into my personal life so much that they keep tabs on my blog, even when it is not ever on my work computer? I want to be able to move past it, but it I am having a hard time. As I post I think, "Is this something I want my bosses to know?" Because the fact is that they will. It is very clear to me that they are reading.

Even having this in writing bothers me. "To far!" my mind screams. "DON'T talk about WORK!! They will READ IT!!". Or, "I don't want people to feel guilty for reading! " "DELETE this post! Post BABY PICTURES!!! Everyone loves baby pictures!!" I can get over my own issues with this blog not being good enough. Because that is what the issue is. I think I am not a good enough writer. Not good enough for our entire extended family and all of our friends to waste time reading. And I need to get over that. I like writing and they like reading. But the work thing is tricky. I think work has no right to hold my blog against me...and yet it so effects me to know that they are here reading. That they looking at posting topics, posting times, posting information, and then question me about. That bothers me most of all. But I am working through it all. I will not let it take away something I have enjoyed so much over the last few years. So...hang in there as I find a way back to where Bio Girl started.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Our lab had our summer outing this weekend. Actually...we were a little behind on planning the event, so it sorta turned into a fall outing. Anyway, here are the wonderful people I work with!
We all headed out to Keeneland, which is a race track here in our city. There are tons of people that go to Keeneland during the six weekends it is open a year. TONS OF PEOPLE. We tailgated and hung out, then headed in for a few races. We decided to bring Henry along. It was just easier for both me and him. (We are taking the "have baby-will travel" style of parenting and it is working well for us!) It ended up being a great decision. He loved it!

Look! Henry with horses! Okay...Henry is sound asleep. Still, I am sure he loved it in his dreams.After the second race he woke up and was really happy to see his Mama!
Sweet sweet Henry and his first of many trips to Keeneland.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A big event occurred at our house this weekend. Henry rolled over for the very first time! It was thrilling. We have been putting him on his belly for a long time, and he can get his arms under him and sorta push up, but the rolling just wasn't happening. Then, all of a sudden on Saturday, he just flipped. Then he looked at us like, "What? Is THAT what you have been waiting for?? That was NOTHING!" *Yawn from boredom at mundane event like rolling* So...I took a video. Of course I did.

Rolling Over from Sarah on Vimeo.

It is all of nine seconds, because my baby is a rolling master (as long as I put him up on his arms like that...if I make him lay flat on his stomach we get a few minutes of angry grunts and flopping around like a fish while he gets his arms under him...but whatever. ROLLING MASTER). It took me a couple of tries to get him on his stomach and have time to get the camera up and taping because he now feels there is no need to spend ANY time on his tummy. Not now that he can ROLLLLLLLL *said in crazy pro-wrestler announcer voice*

(this is all one-way rolling of course. Belly to back. Once he learns he can roll from his back to his belly...then learns that he can use these two skills know...MOVE from one place to another..well...that my friends is another story entirely...maybe we should get on that baby proofing everyone talks about.)

(also, I like how Henry has drool on his face in the video. We are nothing but class over here)

(Thanks so much for all the great advice on feeding schedules! We have a week or two before we go to three meals a day, so I have some time to decide which way to go but your alls comments were a huge help!)

(I want to say this after every video, but I REALLY don't sound like that in real life...I swear)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Questions for Me, Questions for You

So I have a question for you other moms out their about working out a feeding schedule. I also had a couple of questions from readers about other random topics, so I figured I would wrap them all up into on post of questions and answers. First, the answers of readers you all that don't have kids that you attempt to feed can just move on to another post...

Question 1: Coco asked what I use to take the videos of Henry.

Answer 1: I use a Canon Powershot SD750 Elph. It is just a digital camera, not a digital camcorder. I really want a digital camcorder (we have a regular one, but eventually I want to upgrade to digital) but we just don't have the money right now. For now this canon works perfect for the short little videos I take of him. Plus, it takes AMAZING pictures! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I HIGHLY recommend it for anybody looking for a small, easy to use, digital camera.

Question 2: Ashley asked what kind of a front carrier I have Henry in in the pictures of us in Chicago.

Answer 2: I was so so stupid before I had Henry. I was all like, "Who needs a front carrier?? They look so COMPLICATED and ANNOYING and and...just no. I will get a sling and be done with it." Well, I did get a sling. And I love it. But this does not mean you don't ALSO need a front carrier. Especially if you are like me and got the Chicco car seat which wont latch on to a buggy at the grocery store. Right. So, this is really rambling...back to Ashley's question. It is a Baby Bjorn. A wonderful and magical Bjorn which Henry ADORES. He would happily ride around in that thing all day. I now freely admit that I was wrong. It's rare but it has been known to happen.

Now, to my question for you all!

Question 3: How in the heck do I come up with a feeding schedule for Henry?? He is already on a good nursing schedule, but now that we are working in food I am having a hard time figuring out when to do it. We now nurse at 7:30, 11:30, 3, 6 and 9. We have to add in three meals of rice cereal by the time he is six months To avoid allergies we don't get any other food until then. Henry is jealous of all the babies that get other things besides rice...). We started with 6pm...dinner time. That was easy enough. We have now also added in 11:30 for lunch. My problem is breakfast. Should I feed him cereal at 7:30 when I nurse him? Since he doesn't go to daycare I usually grab him up and nurse him in his PJ's, then I just lay him back down and he usually goes back to sleep. Should I feed him his cereal when he really gets up between eight thirty and nine thirty? Then what about 11:30? Will he be hungry yet? Am I just not wanting to do cereal at 7:30 because I don't want to get up earlier?? Maybe...but at the same time I feel like if I feed him cereal he will be officially up for the morning. I just don't know. What is the timeline you all use for adding cereal to a baby's schedule?

Answer 3: ________________________(fill in the blank in the comments)

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Day With Carter (and Charing too!)

My best friend Charing kept Henry one day last week while my mom was in the hospital. She completely made my day by emailing me pictures of my sweet boy and her sweet Carter all throughout the day. Sweet Henry laid back, telling Charing all about his big weekend in Chicago
Henry had a great morning, but was thrilled when Carter got home from school. He had been looking forward to their day together! Once Carter got home they built a fort to play in (Henry helped a lot I am sure...)
"MOM!! No GIRLS Allowed in the FORT!!"
"I am serious mom...I will tell Henry do give you his evil stare if you don't get out of here..."
"I warned you mom...I warned you..."
At the end of the day, what really matters is that Carter sure does love his Henry

And Henry sure does love his Carter back

Charing, thanks so much for keeping little Henry. I know he loved his day with you all!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Windy City

This is long. Just for fair warning. Settle in.

So...Chicago. We had so much fun you guys. Seriously. It was a perfect little weekend getaway. The drive in was good. (the drive home was good too except for the little incident where we hit a large metal thing in the middle of the highway which may or may not have been a wheel...or a luggage dolly (Nick would like me to point out the large difference in these two items, but I am not sure which it was...I cannot explain it) which took a good chunk of paint off my bumper...oh well) Henry did great, sleeping the majority of the way and way back. The traffic was terrible coming into the city (like stand still), which was a little surprising since we got there at eleven at night Chicago time. Guess it is also a city that doesn't sleep. New York, you have competition. Anyway, we dropped my little sister off with her friend Andrea and then headed over to Nancy's place. It was so adorable! I was worried Henry wouldn't sleep since he was asleep the majority of the car trip, but I brought him in and nursed him and he was out for the night!
He was so sweet the next morning. I actually told Nancy I was worried I didn't pack him enough toys...then I kept finding new things in every pocket of every bag I brought...clearly I came prepared in the rattle department...
We were sorta lazy getting up and moving, but eventually we got out of the house and caught a cab downtown. Here is Henry in his very first cab! He was laid back, but I was terrified. Clearly having him with me makes me a much more nervous cab rider! Also, cab drivers clearly are not willing to wait for you to get a car seat strapped in. The first guy took off before I was even in the car. SAFETY PEOPLE!
We met up with Missy and Andrea at the John Hancock tower, which is where we had lunch. It was such a great view! (oops...view not pictured. Instead here is Missy and Henry waiting for the elevator to take us up 98 floors.) On the way back down someone told me "she" was adorable. I am fine with it, but seriously lady?? He had on all blue, a little flat cap, and a bib that SAYS HENRY on it. Clearly she was extremely observant.
Here is me and Nan outside the Hancock. It was so great to spend the weekend with my sweet friend!
Missy and Andrea
Me and my sisters hanging out in the old Windy City
After lunch we decided to walk around the city. We went to Millennium Park where we saw the Bean Statue. Here is our attempt at a group self portrait in the bean
Nancy and Andrea were not fans of the Bean but Henry later informed us that it was his favorite sight in Chicago
Here is a random garden we found on our way from Millennium Park to Navy Pier. We were all chatty and laughing while taking this picture, then we realized there was a wedding going on right behind us. Sorry to the random couple getting married last weekend...hope we didn't disturb...
Here we are at Navy Pier. Interesting spot but not a place I will go again next time I am in the city. Still, it had a great view!
Next we went to Grand Lux for coffee and desert. Henry is a big fan of his Nancy! After Grand Lux we split from Missy and Andrea then went shopping. Much fun was had. Eventually we made it back to Nancy's were Henry promptly passed out and we ordered in Thai food. mmmm...Thai. We also got sucked into Say Yes to the Dress. Good to know I don't change much when I go to the third biggest city in the US. Thai and TV. A good night.
The next morning we got up and ready. Here is Nan showing Henry the view from her apartment and talking about our big plans to go to the Harry Potter exhibit. Henry was pumped. (his hair...)
No cameras allowed in the exhibit, but it was so great! I got this t-shirt. Yes I did. And I know you are all like, "she will never wear that in public, right??" and to that I say, "I already wore it to work!!! LOVE!" (Nerd.)
Henry REALLY enjoyed the museum!
If Henry gets really into boats when he is older Nancy can now say it was all because of her!
After the museum we went out to a great lunch. I am completely in love with this picture of Boo and Henry. I think it actually captures Henry's sweet personality. He is just the best baby ever!
YAY! An actual picture of me and Henry with him smiling! Proof that he DOES love me!
After lunch we met up with Missy and Andrea again to take a Architecture Boat Tour. It was so interesting! And it was Henry's first boat trip! He was so sweet when we got on and everyone was all like, "awwww....look at the BABY" *said with love and joy* Then...then, oh he got MAAAAAAAD. And then everyone was like, "GREAT. We sat next to the BABY!" *said with hate and scorn* But I just nursed him and about ten seconds later he looked like this...
So he was a little tired. He slept during the entire tour, but that worked for me because I got to hear all about the buildings in the city!
The Chicago skyline from the boat
Our sweet girls who showed us all around the city!
Here is the entire group with the city in the background.

We had such an amazing weekend. It was different than trips in the past because I had Henry, but at the same time it was really the same. We did anything we wanted and he just came along. He was so so easy. The girls all helped so much with him it was truly not a burden, but a joy to have him along for our great visit. All in all it was a perfect weekend in Chicago!