Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting ready for Halloween

Mama: So Henry, did you know there is a pretty big holiday coming up? Henry : Am I sitting crooked?? I feel kinda crooked...
Mama: Henry! Pay attention! Halloween is coming!
Henry: ...

Henry: Mama...I am not so sure about's got a face...I think it's creepy.
Mama:You are the cutest little think I have EVER SEEN!
Henry: *eye roll*
Henry: Mom...
Mama: So so so cute!!!
Henry: Mom...what I am looking for is something sorta or something. You got anything like that?
Henry: That's what I'm talking about! Now just spike my hair up a little...
Mama: hair??
Henry: Shut up
Mama: I have one more thing...
Henry: Is it a wallet with a chain on it? Oh please let it be a wallet with a chain on it. It would really complete the look!

Henry: Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no.
Mama: *burst into tears at cuteness* *kiss*kiss*hug*hug*kiss*kiss*
Henry: At least there are only eight days until this is all over...surely there are no other holidays that will require this many outfits.

Henry: What the....oh. wait. Did you say this holiday has to do with FOOD? Oh, I think I LOVE this one!!

Mama: Now where can I find a Pilgrims hat??

**for the record, NONE of these are his actual Halloween costume. That will be seen later**


  1. Oh my goodness, this is one of the cutest posts EVER!! I can't decide what 'costume' I like the best. They are all so cute. Love the black t-shirt. The ghost onesie is also adorable, but then again the little pumpkin outfit makes me just want to hug him he looks so cute. And uhm the turkey bib...priceless.

    I can't wait to see his actual costume.

    Oh and the part about Henry's hair being spiked up made me laugh out loud...too cute!!

  2. LOVE these pictures and the conversation between you and Henry!