Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

We have tried to grow pumpkins for the last few years. We were finally successful this year! Well...sorta successful. We had this one good looking pumpkin...but then the squires ate it. Nick was very sad. So, when our second (and final) pumpkin popped up on the vine, Nick build it this little house to keep it safe and sound! We are very proud of our little pumpkin in it's little house.
Henry and Nick, excited about finally picking the great pumpkin
Just a man and his is much cuter than the other, if you ask me.
His mighty crop!!
Now they just have to carve it up and we are good for Halloween!


  1. Oh, Sarah, how did you make me tear up with this post!!! Nick and his mighty crop...sweeeeet!

  2. This was our first year growing veg... the beets, beans and tomatoes were great but our pumpkins didn't do a thing (well they flowered but that was it!) Your pumpkin is huge - way to go you and Nick!!

  3. This was a cute post. Way to go Farmer Nick!!

    Can't wait to see Henry's Halloween costume.

  4. I am so sorry Sarah I have not been by in way too long. Your little one is getting so big. Thanks for the birthday wish for my little one. Have a great and fun Halloween. I am a doing a review some time soon. I will come by and let you know so you can win it if you want to.

  5. This is great. Love the pictures of my bro.