Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy 30th ME!

It's true. I guess I am going to have to change that description of me over on the side that says "twenty-something" because it is now a lie. Of course, I think Henry was three months before I took off that I was pregnant, so we will see how long I choose to live the lie. Anyway, it's my 30th BIRTHDAY!

My sweet husband planned a perfect birthday part for me on Saturday. We went on a train ride to see the leaves changing (Nick and I LOVE fall so it was a perfect birthday idea!) We then went out to dinner at a nice little place here in town, then headed back to our house for cake. It was perfect. Really really perfect.

On top of the perfect day, Nick made me a picture frame wall as my gift. He got all the frames, printed all the pictures, put it together and hung it up all without me having any idea. I have wanted to do this FOREVER, and I LOVE it. It is so amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Then yesterday my Nana took me to see Hello Dolly for my birthday. You know how I love going to plays, so it was just great. All that, and my actual birthday is still today! I am going out to lunch with some friends who couldn't make it on Saturday, then out to dinner with my family and back to my house for more cake! Good lord, I am spoiled. I guess with all of this I am actually okay with turning THIRTY!

Now to some pictures... First, the picture frame wall. Did I tell you I LOVE this?? Because I LOVE this. Like, so much that it makes me want to cry a little.
And now to the actual birthday events. Here is the group of us that went on the train. I think everyone really enjoyed it!
Me and Nick waiting to get on the train...for my 30th BIRTHDAY. Attempting to get a picture where it isn't obvious that we are in a different row than Chris...I think we failed...and yet I love this picture
I think I loved this day all around, because every single picture makes me happy. Look at Andy...just...the wave...happy birthday to me.
Boo and Chris enjoying the ride going backwards. Like the Racers at Kings Island. Going backwards is a totally different experience.
A pretty shot out the window. The train went at a neck-breaking ten miles an hour, so we were able to get some good shots. Also, things look very green in these pictures, but the leaves really were changing and were very pretty
Candice told the train conductor it was my's my favorite thing for people to know. Especially when they get on the intercom and have the entire train sing "Happy Birthday" I was a little embarrassed in this picture. Thanks Aunt Candice.
But THEN, since it was my birthday and everything, they let us come up and ride in the FRONT of the train!! Totally worth the singing!!
And they took our picture...which I love. And will be getting added to the picture frame wall ASAP!
And they let me blow the horn. Like, A LOT. And when I got back to my seat I was all like, "I blew the HORN!!" to Nick, and he was all like, "YEAH....we ALL heard!"
Out the front window. pretty cool.
I then hung my sisters camera out the side of the train...not sure she was thrilled about it, but I like the picture!
After the train we went out to dinner with even more friends, but somehow I took no pictures of this. Thanks Ryan and Arielle for coming!! We had so much fun! After that we went back to our house with everyone, and my cousin Liz and my perfect Godson Wesley came for cake. He is just such a sweet, sweet boy. We are very lucky in our family!
Me with my cake...and all THIRTY candles. For the record, it took me like four blows to get them all out. SHAME.
And finally, here is a really great picture of me and my Nana yesterday at Hello Dolly. Thank you Nana! XOXOXO
All in all, it has been a perfect 30th birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday, sweetie. Think about this. When I was 30, I had a toddler and a new baby on the way. Crazy to think about, huh?

  2. Happy Birthday Honey. The West Coast sends love and kisses your way. See you soon. Love, C & C

  3. Wonderful pictures! Glad you had such a fun birthday weekend. Happy Birthday and lots of hugs from us!

  4. Happy Birthday to you!! I only told the conductor because he seemed to be hurrying us since we were standing outside the train taking pictures. I just had to explain to him how important it was to capture the moment!!! Ps. I'm totally glad they knew because of your face when you got to pull the horn all those times! You clearly LOVED it.

    Happy bday sista

  5. Okay, so I had a 'sarah' moment this weekend--was talking to the neighbor and he said, 'so when's the baby coming?' and I said, 'um, we already had him two months ago'....sigh. And then I remembered you and I felt a little better that I wasn't the only one experiencing such a stupid moment!

    Boy, the things we mamas go through!

  6. Happy 30th Birthday!! Nick did a great job on the picture frame wall!! Looks like you have had a great birthday week!

  7. Where did you do this train? I would love to do that this fall!


    I love the picture wall in your house. What a great gift that was. It made me a little teary eyed when I saw it. I can't wait to have a wall like that in my house.

    I'm glad you had a great birthday weekend. The train ride looked like lots of fun.

    My birthday 32, is on Monday, wonder if I can find something fun like that to do here.

    Once again Happy Birthday!

  9. Oh what a wonderful way to spend your birthday week (Tim insists your birthday lasts a whole week, not one day!!) The picture wall is wonderful and such a lovely gift and then the train ride sounds amazing, especially getting to blow the horn - I'm so jealous!! Glad you had such a fantastic time with all the people you love - what a way to starts your 30s!!