Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Five Months

Dear Henry,

Hello my sweet boy. I cannot believe another month has already passed and you are now five months old. It is so amazing to watch you grow and learn as each month passes. A few nights ago we put together your office (exersaucer) and you love it so much! You will happily sit in there and "work" as long as we will let you. There is one part that makes noise when you push it, and it gives you such joy when you do it right. You will look up at us with this huge smile as if to say, "LOOK Mama and Papa! Look what I can do!!" It is just amazing. The way you learn, and the way you take pride in your accomplishments. The joy it gives you. It is wonderful to watch, and overwhelming to be responsible for.
You have started to notice Ellie recently. She comes up to give you kisses in your office and you think that is so funny. Sometimes you even put your hands out to touch her. When your Papa makes her bark you think it is so funny too, and you will laugh and laugh. We love to see you and your puppy enjoying each other because you both give us so much joy.
You rolled over for the first time this month, and you are very close to rolling over from your back to your belly as well. You now arch up on your side to see what is going on around you. It is clear that you want to be in the know at all times. If you are on the couch and someone comes in, you turn around to see them, then flash them your sweet sweet smile. You love to stand up and pretty much want to do it all the time. I think that is one of the reasons you love your office so.
You have had lots of firsts this month. You had your first food, which you love! You will eat as much food as we make for you and sometimes cry for more. For now you are just eating rice cereal, but I know you will love other foods when we get to give them to you. This month you also took your very first overnight trip. We went to Chicago and you had such a wonderful time. We took you all over the city and you just took it all in, grinning at strangers and loving every moment. You make things so easy.
I know one day you will get tired of hearing me say this, but oh my, I love you. I love you so much more than I knew was possible. Your laugh and smile, even your cries, they fill my heart with overflowing love for you. Slowly you are gaining your own personality, your own likes and dislikes and it is amazing to see. Amazing to watch you slowly becoming just so slightly independent. To watch you learn and to try new things. Henry, we are so proud of you. Our sweet, smart, growing little boy. You fill my heart.


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  1. Aww I love it when you write letters to Henry! They are always so sweet. The letters will be great to give him one day when he gets older.

    I love that you love your awesome little boy so much!!

    He is so so cute!!