Friday, October 2, 2009

The Windy City

This is long. Just for fair warning. Settle in.

So...Chicago. We had so much fun you guys. Seriously. It was a perfect little weekend getaway. The drive in was good. (the drive home was good too except for the little incident where we hit a large metal thing in the middle of the highway which may or may not have been a wheel...or a luggage dolly (Nick would like me to point out the large difference in these two items, but I am not sure which it was...I cannot explain it) which took a good chunk of paint off my bumper...oh well) Henry did great, sleeping the majority of the way and way back. The traffic was terrible coming into the city (like stand still), which was a little surprising since we got there at eleven at night Chicago time. Guess it is also a city that doesn't sleep. New York, you have competition. Anyway, we dropped my little sister off with her friend Andrea and then headed over to Nancy's place. It was so adorable! I was worried Henry wouldn't sleep since he was asleep the majority of the car trip, but I brought him in and nursed him and he was out for the night!
He was so sweet the next morning. I actually told Nancy I was worried I didn't pack him enough toys...then I kept finding new things in every pocket of every bag I brought...clearly I came prepared in the rattle department...
We were sorta lazy getting up and moving, but eventually we got out of the house and caught a cab downtown. Here is Henry in his very first cab! He was laid back, but I was terrified. Clearly having him with me makes me a much more nervous cab rider! Also, cab drivers clearly are not willing to wait for you to get a car seat strapped in. The first guy took off before I was even in the car. SAFETY PEOPLE!
We met up with Missy and Andrea at the John Hancock tower, which is where we had lunch. It was such a great view! (oops...view not pictured. Instead here is Missy and Henry waiting for the elevator to take us up 98 floors.) On the way back down someone told me "she" was adorable. I am fine with it, but seriously lady?? He had on all blue, a little flat cap, and a bib that SAYS HENRY on it. Clearly she was extremely observant.
Here is me and Nan outside the Hancock. It was so great to spend the weekend with my sweet friend!
Missy and Andrea
Me and my sisters hanging out in the old Windy City
After lunch we decided to walk around the city. We went to Millennium Park where we saw the Bean Statue. Here is our attempt at a group self portrait in the bean
Nancy and Andrea were not fans of the Bean but Henry later informed us that it was his favorite sight in Chicago
Here is a random garden we found on our way from Millennium Park to Navy Pier. We were all chatty and laughing while taking this picture, then we realized there was a wedding going on right behind us. Sorry to the random couple getting married last weekend...hope we didn't disturb...
Here we are at Navy Pier. Interesting spot but not a place I will go again next time I am in the city. Still, it had a great view!
Next we went to Grand Lux for coffee and desert. Henry is a big fan of his Nancy! After Grand Lux we split from Missy and Andrea then went shopping. Much fun was had. Eventually we made it back to Nancy's were Henry promptly passed out and we ordered in Thai food. mmmm...Thai. We also got sucked into Say Yes to the Dress. Good to know I don't change much when I go to the third biggest city in the US. Thai and TV. A good night.
The next morning we got up and ready. Here is Nan showing Henry the view from her apartment and talking about our big plans to go to the Harry Potter exhibit. Henry was pumped. (his hair...)
No cameras allowed in the exhibit, but it was so great! I got this t-shirt. Yes I did. And I know you are all like, "she will never wear that in public, right??" and to that I say, "I already wore it to work!!! LOVE!" (Nerd.)
Henry REALLY enjoyed the museum!
If Henry gets really into boats when he is older Nancy can now say it was all because of her!
After the museum we went out to a great lunch. I am completely in love with this picture of Boo and Henry. I think it actually captures Henry's sweet personality. He is just the best baby ever!
YAY! An actual picture of me and Henry with him smiling! Proof that he DOES love me!
After lunch we met up with Missy and Andrea again to take a Architecture Boat Tour. It was so interesting! And it was Henry's first boat trip! He was so sweet when we got on and everyone was all like, "awwww....look at the BABY" *said with love and joy* Then...then, oh he got MAAAAAAAD. And then everyone was like, "GREAT. We sat next to the BABY!" *said with hate and scorn* But I just nursed him and about ten seconds later he looked like this...
So he was a little tired. He slept during the entire tour, but that worked for me because I got to hear all about the buildings in the city!
The Chicago skyline from the boat
Our sweet girls who showed us all around the city!
Here is the entire group with the city in the background.

We had such an amazing weekend. It was different than trips in the past because I had Henry, but at the same time it was really the same. We did anything we wanted and he just came along. He was so so easy. The girls all helped so much with him it was truly not a burden, but a joy to have him along for our great visit. All in all it was a perfect weekend in Chicago!


  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! Fab pictures, you all look great:)

  2. it! Thanks for taking the time to put it together!

  3. See, babies are awesome travelers! Some people think I am crazy to take Wyatt back and forth so much but he is used to it. Wonderful story and pictures. I want to go to Chicago now!