Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Henry's Sweet Laugh...It Makes Everyone Feel Better

Well, this post is not about Chicago. Not yet. I promise I will get to it. I know I sometimes make promises that I don't keep, but this one I will for sure! Way too many great pictures to not post them. Anyway, things are still pretty crazy with my mom. She went in on Monday for a routine outpatient surgery to have her sinus cavity scraped (sounds terribly painful) and ended up spending two nights in the hospital because they could not stop the bleeding. I am not going to go into all the details here now (it is late and I am so tired) but they now think she may have a bleeding disorder. As you can guess, we are stressed. order to cheer everyone (me) up, I thought I would take a few minutes and at least post this video of Henry laughing in the car on the way home from Chicago. For the record, we are parked. Clearly. We stopped to let Henry eat, then Boo and Missy wanted to love on him a little before we dropped him back in his seat and hit the road. Just didn't want you all to think we had him out of the seat while flying down the interstate....

Laughing from Sarah on Vimeo.

Yes, I realize he stops laughing after fifteen seconds and I tape another twenty seconds hoping for another laugh. Oops. Still, Boo and Missy sound pretty funny. The entire video warms my heart.

I am off to bed. All well wishes and prayers for my mom are really appreciated. She got released today and stayed the night in-town with my little sister. I am off work tomorrow to help her and we are going back in to see the doctor. They are removing some packing (horrible stuff, but I won't go into that) from her nose and we will see how the bleeding goes. Hopefully she will have finally clotted and the worst will be behind us. Hopefully, hopefully. My poor little Mommy.


  1. Your poor Mom!!

    Henry is awfully cute! Out of curiousity are you using a digital camera or video camera to record it? Oh and what kind?? It's awfully clear!

  2. So freaking cute!

  3. Oh sooo cute!!

    Sorry to hear about your mom... hope she gets better soon and they figure out exactly what is wrong so they can treat it x no wonder you are so stressed x