Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Food

Well, for the first time in Henry's life he had something to eat besides breast milk! Very exciting for everyone. I have felt like he was ready for food for the past couple of weeks, so I was so excited to give it a go now that we got the green light from his doctor. Turns out that he loves cereal. LOVES IT. At first he was all like, "ummm...what the hell is this??" after a couple of minutes it turned into "Yeah...I could get into this!" And finally he was all "NOM NOM NOM. This is DELICIOUS!"

He was so happy and would laugh and talk between every bite. I told Nick to take a video towards the end, because he was SO into it and just so darn cute. Henry starts the video off by burping (that's his Papa's boy!) and then of course he loses all interest in food. He realized the camera was on him and he can't take his eyes off it. Also, he falls over in his bumbo seat. I swear he can sit in that thing...clearly he was distracted. And I guess I was too because I let him just slump all the way over to one side. Bad Mama. Anyway, LOOK!! A new Henry video!!

First Food from Sarah on Vimeo.

**When I fed him today the happy laughs and talking between bites was gone. Replaced by angry looks and occasional cries of annoyance at how long it takes me to load up the spoon with the next bite. Pushy, this one.**


  1. Ah! I love how he is looking at the camera with that little smirk. We must arrange a play date tho I know lei will be quite jealous Henry is old enough to eat lol!

  2. oooh henry is just so adorable!! we haven't given zoey any solids yet but will probably dry around the first of october!

  3. btw, i am a total lurker. im bad at commenting.. but i read you a lot. found you through danielle :)

  4. Here is what I do about the eating impatience: Wyatt has some milk before solid food and some after. Works like a charm for us! :D