Friday, September 25, 2009

Heading Out

Sorry I have been sorta MIA this week. Out Internet has been acting up. Annoying. Anyway, we are now heading out the door for Chicago! So excited for our weekend away. We got Henry a special hat to match his Papa's and everything...a boy needs a hat in the windy city!
I am thinking Nick is really going to miss his boy! Also, the matching hats make it official. Henry is a clone. There is none of me in there at all. But still, we make a cute pair. Also again, one of my many goals of the weekend is to get a picture of me and Henry with him smiling. And maybe I will wear makeup. We are going all out


  1. Seriously....the matching hats are so darn cute!!

  2. Actually, Sarah, I think Henry is the spitting image of YOU!

    Very cute hats - enjoy the weekend - hope you get your smile.

  3. I do see Nick in Henry.... but in the picture of you and Henry together, Henry looks a lot like you and your Dad. I do love the way you and your dad look!!!


  4. Henry is so cute, and I love the hats! Henry does look more like you than you realize!