Thursday, September 24, 2009


Last night I was cleaning up in the kitchen before bed. Just loading the dishwasher, no big deal. As I am standing there putting the silverware away I see something from the corner of my eye. Movement. Now, I need to tell you that Nick loves to sneak up and grab me. LOVES IT. It's a game we play (he plays), so I am sorta always on high alert. Anyway, from the corner of my eye I see this movement. Something is...lurking right behind me. I freeze. The movement stops, but I think he is on to me. I spin around, (quick like a cat) to catch him in the act...and there is nothing there. Hmmm. I really thought I saw something...

I go back to loading dishes. I seeing the movement again out of the corner of my eye. Yes. He is THERE! Oh Lord, he is about to GET ME! I spin around again...nothing. I turn back to the dishes. Confused. Then I see it. The "movement" It'' own shadow. YES. I actually jumped (TWICE!) at my very own shadow. Nick was studying on the couch, completely unaware of what a baby his wife has was just me and my terrifying shadow. SHAME.

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