Sunday, September 13, 2009

Four Months

Dear Henry,

This morning I woke up and realized it was later than normal. I went to your room, surprised that you hadn't woken up hungry, and peaked over your crib. Then I saw you, my perfect little boy, wide awake and playing with your own feet. You looked up at me and gave me your big toothless smile, and my heart melted. You were so content in there, on your own, just waiting for me to wake. I picked you up and your little hands grip my arms and your little head fell onto my shoulder. The start of morning hugs.
You are changing and growing all the time. I told your Papa recently that you have moved from a newborn to a baby. You now know what you like and dislike, and you make sure to let us know which is which. You are quickly growing out of your swing, but love your seat because it allows you to look around so much more. You have discovered so many new uses for your play-mat now that you can hit the toys with your feet and hands. We watch you lay there full of concentration as you work to hit the rattle. It is amazing to watch you learn. You now grab for anything and everything in reach. You love your rattles and all toys that make noise. You love to put anything and everything in your mouth...except your passie. You are quickly outgrowing the passie, which I know is good, but somehow makes me sad.
Recently you have started talking. Not just a little baby chatter, but a LOT of baby chatter. You talk all the time. You will carry on complete conversations in a language only you can understand. You love when we talk back. When we continue a two sided conversation with you, you break out into huge smiles, and then we hear that sweet little laugh that melts our hearts, and then the talking is going again. Your talking is high on the list of my favorite things about you. A list that grows everyday.
Oh how I love you. The word love doesn't really seem to be strong enough. Everyday I look at you and thank God for letting me and Nick be your Mama and Papa. For giving us such a sweet and loving little boy. So...perfect. Your smile warms my heart. I love you my sweet sweet Henry.
PS. Maybe next month you will be willing to share that sweet smile in some pictures!


  1. If he only had some love :)

    He is so funny NOT smiling for the camera. He smiles all the time!!!

    It has been a good four months.


  2. I love it when you write these sweet little letters to Henry - even before he was born. I can't wait till I have one to write to! :-) Henry is absolutely adorable!!

    Keep writing!


  3. He is really getting so big, such a little cutie!

    I can't wait to experience these moments with my little one.

    Smile for us Henry!

  4. I love reading the letters you write to your little boy. They are always so sweet. For some reason this one even got me a little teary.

    I love the picture of Henry in his little frog overalls...too cute!!