Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Pictures...of Henry of Course

I learned something this weekend. Now that I have Henry, apparently I feel no need to take pictures of anybody else. That's right. Not a single other person was photographed by me this weekend. Clearly Henry is all I see. Maybe I should work on that a little...I learned another fact this weekend. I can get Henry to smile 99% of the time. The 1% of the time that he wont smile is when I have a camera pointed at his face.
He thoroughly enjoyed his first UK football game! Helped that they won 42-0. He ALMOST even smiled for the camera about it...
LOOK! Ellie and Henry in the same picture! Yes, she has devil eyes and yes he is TOTALLY uninterested in her, but it's a start. Every other time we tried to take their picture Ellie ran and hid under the bed.
Hanging out in his lounging clothes on Labor Day. Adorable (nerdy) onesie given to us by my friend and Bio Girl reader Danielle! Thanks so much. We love it!!
And finally, last night Henry discovered his toes. He was VERY proud of himself. Since then I don't think he has let them go. I guess he is afraid he might lose them...
So, in sum, we had a perfect holiday weekend. We spent time with family (not pictured) went over to peoples houses (also not pictured) and had an all around relaxing and wonderful time. Hope you all enjoyed it too!

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  1. That's ok, that you don't take pictures of anyone other than Henry. I would probably do the same thing. I maybe worse yet...I only take pictures of my dog.

    I love the picture of Henry wrapped up all cozy in his towel. And of course I liked the football picture.

    Keep 'em coming I love seeing the little guy!