Monday, September 14, 2009

Four Month Stats

Not much time to talk today. Henry had his four month check up, which means he had his four month shots. His little face is just so pitiful when they stick him. He was all smiling and looking around at everyone, happy as a clam, and then BAM. NEEDLE. So...he is fussy and sore and basically needs his Mama. I just laid him down for the first time, so I now need to pick up the house and get ready for my sisters birthday dinner! (Happy Birthday Boo!!) Should be fun...assuming Henry is able to handle PF Changs. Anyway, just a quick post to record his four month stats so I don't forget!

Height 24 1/4 inches (10-25 percentile)

Weight 11 pounds 13 ounces (5 percentile)...he is a skinny little guy!

Head 16 1/4 inches (25-50 percentile)...very smart what with that giant brain

So our little guy is still on the small side, but we expected that. The doctor was very happy with his growth and said he was perfect. We already knew that, but still it is nice to have the experts opinion!

Damn...I hear him fussing. Guess I wont be picking up the house after all...


  1. Some of my friends told me that when their kids had shots they slept all day....not my boy. He just wanted me all day long. I didn't mind the extra exciting to hear how Henry is growing. Tell your sister happy birthday.

  2. Ellie has her fourth month shots on Wednesday. I am hoping that it goes better than her two month shots. I hope that Henry is feeling better. Your right he is perfect - very handsome!