Monday, September 21, 2009

Road Trip

I am taking Henry on a road trip. Friday we are heading up to Chicago to visit one of my best friends. She has lived up there forever and I always want to visit, but rarely make it. Back when I was pregnant she told me that there was this Harry Potter exhibit that would be in town from May to September and I laughed at the idea of actually making it. I told her that even though I am the biggest Harry Potter fan ever (nerd, remember? Not even a little bit embarrassed) that there would be about a 1% chance of me bringing a new baby to Chicago for a weekend.

Then...well, Henry was born. And he is just so sweet and easy. He doesn't mind being in the car. He loves his stroller and his sling. He is happy pretty much anywhere we take him, so I wasn't as against the idea. Then my little sister mentioned that she was going to Chicago to spend the weekend with one of her friends and I jumped at the chance for company in the car. So...before I knew it I had said we were coming (my big sister too...because she could NEVER miss a road trip!) and just like that Henry is going on his first big trip to see the windy city.

Hopefully he will do okay in the car for six hours. Hopefully he will sleep okay in a pack n' play. Hopefully he will be as good as he is at home (as he sits right now in my lap as I type this, just smiling up a storm and sucking on his thumb) but even if he is at his worst, I know I will enjoy myself. As soon as we decided to go I just got so excited. I need this trip. I need the girl time and the chance to catch up with my sweet friend. I need to get out of town and to just take a little break from home and chores and work. We will miss Nick, but it will be a great weekend. Especially if Henry is good! Keep your fingers crossed for me...and if you have any advice for traveling with a four month old I would LOVE to hear it!


  1. Maybe I should go with you, Henry is ALWAYS good with his Nannie :)

  2. We have taken our 3 month old on 2 trips now and he has done great. I just make sure to take his normal everyday stuff (bouncer, monitor, fan, etc) so it seems like home to him and he never acts like it bothers him. Both times I have tried really hard to keep him on his regular bedtime schedule and he slept really well. Good luck! Hope all goes well!

  3. Have a great time on your trip and drive safely!