Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hanging Out with Papaw

Last night Henry stayed the night with my parents because I had a doctors appointment yesterday and Mom was keeping him today anyway, so it just seemed like an easy solution to let him have a sleep over and cover both babysitter required events. Yes, we are so insanely lucky to have three sets of amazing grandparents who adore our sweet boy as much as we do.  I may be a little (a LOT) spoiled with our abundance of local babysitters...

 But anyway, last night Nick and I went out on the town, being wild and crazy with our child free night (we ate dinner out and went to the mall and target in search of a messenger bag for Nick... Hard to believe we were able to get up for work this morning after all that madness) when my phone dinged that I had a new photo message:
Apparently Henry and his Papaw were enjoying a movie together
Really, really close together

These may be my favorite pictures of these two ever.  Henry is one lucky boy.


Monday, August 26, 2013

If It's Not One Thing...

Well, I went to my post op appointment from my surgery today and all is well...or as well as it can be with Stage 4 endometriosis.   He said there was a lot of endo, especially on that left side.  He also said that the nodule he removed was tested and it was not endometriosis, but it was benign.  Um.  GOOD TO KNOW.  Glad I didn't think to freak out that it MIGHT be something worse...

We talked about the need for a hysterectomy, which I am actually leaning towards doing next summer.  He did say we will have to take my one little remaining ovary, so that does make me hesitate a little... I just don't want it to be out of control painful again.  And the fact that I only made it 16 months between these last two surgeries is weighing on me.  We will see...

So  now that my endo is under control you would think I would be all foot loose and fancy free, but unfortunately last week I was randomly struck with an extremely unfortunate amount of EYE PAIN.


 We were standing in line at Chic-fil-a, waiting on a delicious salad, when all of a sudden I thought I had something in my eye.  I rubbed it... you know... the good old eye rub that has successfully removed debris from my eye for 33 years, and went about my merry way.  The next morning my eye looked like I had burst a blood vessel and it hurt to blink... which really is unfortunate.  I went to my PCP, which was stupid.  If you have an eye problem, see an eye doctor.  He sorta refused to look me directly in the eye (WHAT? Is my bloody eye DISTURBING YOU DOCTOR?!?) and gave me meds which didn't seem to help, so I was able to look THIS sexy all weekend.

(I thought about attaching a picture here, but nobody wants to see this)

Today I went to an actual doctor of the eye who did NOT refuse to look directly at me.  He said something along the lines of "Good GOD!  That eye is scratched all to hell!" (I might be paraphrasing, but he was impressed).  I have no idea how I did it... the dust at Chic-fil-a... it must actually be shards of glass.

So anyway, now I possess steroid eye drops along with eye antibiotics. I should look normal again within the week.  Between now and then, I wont take it personally if you don't want to look me in the eye...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Zoo Fun

So we have been planning to take Henry to the zoo forever.  Seriously, since the summer after he was born we have tossed around the idea of going to the zoo.  And every spring/summer/fall passes and it never seems to happen.  It's become the urban legend of family trips.  The mystical ZOOooooo that everyone else goes to and we never seem to see...


Zoo 2013

I give you: TWINS AT THE ZOO!

For the record, Henry has started calling Darcy his twin.  Like, all the time.  Nothing at all confusing about that.

Zoo 2013
For the record, we would still not have been to the mystical zoo if these lovely people hadn't invited us.  They asked, and before we over thought it, we just said yes.

Zoo 2013

Look!  We are at the zoo!  THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!

So where to begin with the pictures...

Zoo 2013

First, we got there... and we checked out the map...
Zoo 2013
Then we got the twins a sweet ride, and we were on our way!
Zoo 2013

More animals!
Zoo 2013
plus fun things like this...
Zoo 2013
And this!(A petting zoo... they got to pet a turtle.  It was thrilling) 

Zoo 2013
 My favorite animal...
Zoo 2013
How can you not love this guy?  Seriously.  His face...
Zoo 2013
Enjoying the Lions
Zoo 2013
Waiting to feed the giraffes (which decided they weren't hungry... bummer. but NEXT ZOO TRIP... PLANS ARE STARTING ALREADY!)
Our little family on the train( which took us around and showed us no animals.  How... confusing.  Henry loved it because "OH MY GOD. TRAAAAAAAAAIN" but I feel the zoo dropped the ball on this little attraction)

Zoo 2013
But they DID have boxes in which to keep your children.  THE ZOO THINKS OF EVERYTHING!
Zoo 2013
Basically, these two loved every second.

The zoo... we will see you again.  


Monday, August 19, 2013

Sweet Child of Mine

 This boy...
Zoo 2013

He just does something to my heart.
Zoo 2013
The other day he was in the tub playing with his bath toys.  He is big into pretend play right now.  Something that amazes me to watch because, although I am sure I did it, I have no memory of being as thoroughly involved in my own make believe world.  And as I watch him, all I can think is "You are JUST LIKE Andy from Toy Story...".

  But anyway, he is in the tub, and I hear him talking about the good guys and the bad guys.  He starts telling me about the good guy:

"Dis is da good guy Mama.  He helps ALLllllll the people!  And he gets rid of the bad guys!  And he doesn't live on this planet*!"

I am half listening, but I catch just enough to say "Oh! Sounds like a cool good guy.  Is he Superman?"

To which he replies.  "No... he is Jesus"

Zoo 2013

This weekend I pulled him into my lap and he said "Mama!  Watch out for your belly!"

I told him I was feeling much better and could hold him as much as I wanted.

He looked at me with just so much joy and yelled "YAY MAMA!!  I LOVE YOU! I am SOOO happy you feel better!  Can I give you a big hug... and squeeze you really hard?"

Zoo 2013

He has decided his favorite food is tacos.  But... they only are filled with cheese.  No toco meat, just a bunch of shredded cheese in a taco shell.  (yes, I know that's a taco shaped nacho... but I don't want to break his heart and tell him).  Now, every night when I ask what he wants for dinner, he says :

"You know what would be a GREAT IDEA?!?  to have Tacos! NOOOOoooo MEAT!"

Zoo 2013
I constantly wonder how we got this lucky.  He truly is the most amazing, loving, kind hearted child I have ever know.  And I know he is mine, and I know everyone thinks their kids are the best... but seriously guys, he really might be.  I can't imagine him any more perfect.

PS. He is REALLY into close up pictures and silly faces.  OBVIOUSLY.

*we have had a lot of talks lately about where exactly heaven is located, and we had to explain that it isn't on earth, so he understood that we couldn't go visit.  Hence the Jesus not living here... just in case you were curious.

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Bio Girl Reading Corner

So I had a request from a reader asking what I have been reading lately. Um, you guys. Do you know how much I LOVE taking blogging requests?!?  I mean, this might be the first one I have had besides the grandparents asking for more pictures of Henry, but now that I have had one, it turns out I LOVE blogging requests!  I mean, it gives me the feeling that you actually read what I write and find some topics interesting! Plus, it means I don't have to THINK of something to tell you.  You thought of it for me! It's amazing.

So... now that that little freak out "I AM POPULAR!" moment is over. (Yes... having one person in seven years request a blog post topic makes me feel popular) Let's get to the books.  I always meant to update the summer reading list, but since I was too busy (lazy) to do it, and now I don't think anybody would see, I will just make a new list.  Maybe I will do this from time to could be like, A blogging THING I do.  And we will call it the Reading Corner or something... I don't know. I will work on the name. For now, BOOKS!

Everyday by David Levithan: This book, like the majority of the things I read these days, was recommended by my book reviewing friend, Kate.  This book is amazing.  It's about a kid (boy? girl?  Nobody knows)  who wakes up every morning in the body of a different person.  He spends one day in the body.  Just one. The next morning he wakes up as someone new.  It is very Quantum Leap, but without any primary purpose for each day.  He just lives that day, and moves on, trying to disturb as little as possible.  Until, on the first day of the book, he becomes intrigued with someone.  The story is about him trying to form a relationship with her, while waking up everyday as someone new.  It is very interesting, very different, and definitely worth reading, even though the ending will leave you wanting just a few more days.

Star Cursed by Jessica Spotswood:  This is the sequel to the book Born Wicked, which I actually reviewed for BlogHer Book Club.  You guys, this series is amazing.  And I wish the covers to the books weren't so silly, because I feel they distract from the depth of the book.  Star Cursed is the continued story of the three Cahill sisters, all of whom are witches,  in the late 1800's.  I love this series and my only complaint is that the third book isn't out yet because SERIOUSLY... I NEEEEEEED IT.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone series by Bergain Price: This book lands full force in the world of fantasy, so that isn't your thing, skip it.  BUT IF IT IS... READ THIS!  The story is about Karou, a blue haired human girl who has a family of chimera she does not full understand, and an adopted father who deals in teeth and wishes.  One day she meets an Angel... and eventually all hell breaks lose.  Books one and two are out, book three is released next April.  AAAPPPPRRRRIIILLLL.... (I really need this one too...damn my love of series)

A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows by Diana Gabaldon: Wait, WHAT?  There was an Outlander Novella?  And NOBODY TOLD ME??  I found this thing by accident, and it was so exciting!  It's the story of Roger's parents, and I just adored it.  Especially that one part... that I wont tell you about.. but that makes me SO EXCITED for when the next Outlander book comes out! Outlander fans, READ THIS! (WHY am I waiting on so many book releases?!?!)
Book Thief

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak: Oh, The Book Thief.  People on Good Reads kept giving it five stars... calling it their favorite I got it from the library six months ago.  And I read the first 15% or so, and I enjoyed it, but it was just a slow read.  I mean, there was nothing WRONG with it.  I just was never sucked in.  So I returned it.  Then it was mentioned in the book Everyday, and I thought "Oh Yeah... The Book Thief"... and I tried again.  And I got to 30% over two weeks, enjoying the story when I read it, but not addicted to it.  And then, RIGHT when it was time to return it again, I was hooked.  I have no idea what changed.  There wasn't a major event in the story or anything, I was just all of a sudden vested.  And THEN I tore through it, and adored it.  It's narrated by Death and it takes place in Nazi Germany, so I should have anticipated it being sad, but somehow that took me off guard.  But tears aside, the book is great, even with it's slow start.

Winger by Andrew Smith:  This book reminds me of a John Green book.  I am not sure why, how the characters are written, how they talk to each other, how you wish you were like them in high school... I can't put my finger on it.  But the story of Ryan Dean West, a fourteen year old Junior who plays Rugby (the Winger position) at a boarding school is entertaining and enjoyable... right up until it got too sad for me.  And maybe it was just where I am right now, but the sadness of the book left the story a little tainted in my mind.  Still, if you don't mind a touch of sad, or if you are a fan of John Green (who seems to always have a touch...or more... of sad in his books) you should check out Winger.

The Maze Runner Series by James Dashner:  The Maze Runner... so I read the entire series, and yet... Meh.  It was just never that AMAZING to me.  I was interested enough to keep reading, but I was never sucked in enough to care about the characters.  It was a library e-book, and I knew they were making the movie, plus I heard if you like the Hunger Games you will like it, so it seemed like a good bet, but really I wish I had spent the time reading four other books rather than all of these.  This is no Hunger games, but it isn't awful.  Just... nothing amazing (according to me). 

So that's it!  The Books I have read since telling you the last books that I read!  Have you read anything good recently? I am always up for suggestions.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Checking In

Hellllooooooo there.

It sorta feels like I have been out of commission for ages.  In reality, it's been six days...not exactly a lifetime or anything... but that time, combined with the last few weeks of pain from the endometriosis, and it just feels like I have been out of touch.  But don't worry, I am back!

 *Waves over-enthusiastically to nobody in particular*

Today is my last day off work, and it turns out that I started to feel like a normal human sometime yesterday, so all in all the timing is excellent.  From Thursday to Monday I basically did a lot of sleeping, watching TV, napping, reading, a little more sleeping, eating... you know how it goes.  But yesterday I woke up and moving didn't sound so terrible, so I did a little of that.  Today I even managed to get both Henry and I bathed and out of the house (BEFORE NOON!) and visited with my best friend.  THEN I went to the grocery.  I am like, wonder woman or something. 

I know I posted last Thursday (most of the things I sent out that afternoon are kinda a blur... I remember laying in bed with my phone while  Nick made me some food and thinking "I should let everyone know I am okay..."  but the actual DETAILS of sending those emails and posting on the blog are sorta fuzzy.... gotta love surgery drugs.)  As a general rundown of the post surgery news, the doctor said he removed a lot of endometriosis, especially from the left side where I was having so much pain.  There was apparently some place where the endometriosis was so thick it had formed nodules, and could be cut off and removed, rather than just lasered off.  I don't know why I find this fact so interesting, but I keep telling people about it.  In my head that large "nodule" of endo is the  cause of my recent misery.  (I have no idea if that's true...).  He felt like this surgery should buy me between six months and two years before I need to have the hysterectomy.  He said in order to make it to two  years, I will most likely have to do another six months on Lupron, which is NOT my favorite thing.  I meet with him in another week or so, so we will discuss the details then.

So I guess that's about it.  I have been resting and recovering.  I am starting to feel like myself again, which is always nice.   While resting, I kept myself entertained by taking pictures of what happened around me.  Things like:

That's how we build towers around here...
Building super tall towers...
practicing of Ninja moves (that face... it KILLS ME)
Getting REALLY close to the camera... just to amuse his Mama
Ellie says "oh.. You forgot your keys.. I was just...hanging out on the dining room table...No big deal"
And walking in to find Ellie just chilling on the dinning room table.

(okay, this pic gets a few more details...  We walked out the door to head to the surgery center on Thursday, then realized we forgot something and went right back in...and there she was.  She looked at us like "WHAT??" and just lay down.  Like, it's nothing for her to be ON THE FREAKING TABLE WHERE WE EAT. So we did what anybody would do.... we took a picture.  Good Dog.)

Okay... I am doing with the rambling.  I will be back with a nonsurgey related post soon.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Post Op

Just a quick update before I pass or for the next few days...Surgery went very well. They removed a  LOT of endometriosis, so hopefully once I am through recovery I will be feeling MUCH better. For now I am very sore but very happy that the doctor felt like he was able to remove enough to make a difference in my level of pain. I can't wait to just feel normal again...

That's it for now... I am going to sleep. Thank you for all the love and support!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Six Months

Tomorrow is six months since we lost our Missy. And although the 8th of each month doesn't hurt my heart as much as it did back in March or even May,  now the hard days are reserved for the days I know I would be with her, her birthday, vacations, holidays, family night... but still, I have been thinking of her all week.  Thinking of how fast time is moving, thinking of how much I miss her, thinking of how I cannot believe it has been six months.

I was messaging with one of her best friends the other day and she summed it up perfectly.  " I know she is with me in spirit, but I just want to hold her hand and kiss her face"

I have thought a lot about that statement because it perfect sums up where my heart is.  I just want to kiss her face.  And since I can't, I will have to settle for this picture of her kissing mine.
It hangs on our fridge, and whenever I see it I say a little prayer of thanks.  Thanks that she was so amazing, thanks that we had 30 years together, and thanks that there is a picture that captures at least a little of the love between us.  It is so precious to me now.

Six months.  Half a year.  It feels like a lifetime, and it feels like no time at all. 


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Family Camping Trip

Several months ago Nick's mom proposed we take a family camping trip.  After a few seconds of silence a few questions were asked ... like "Can we do this in a cabin?  Or maybe a hotel?"  To which she rolled her eyes and informed us that we would be sleeping in tents and that attendance was mandatory.  We all agreed. (Nobody messes with Nana.)  So this weekend we packed up the car (four cars) with only the bare necessities (all four cars were packed TO THE MAX for one night of "roughing it") and headed into the woods. The result?  An awesome family weekend and the birth of Henry's love of camping.

And I brought my camera (of course I did... ) so I can share this amazing camping experience with the WORLD! (or you readers... which FEELS like sharing it with the world to me).  So are you ready?

Camping 2013:

family camping
The family (minus Grandpa who came after work) after climbing to the top of a surprisingly high (to me) mountain (might be classified as a hill, but only by someone NOT climbing it) 
Look!  We like to be outdoors!  And hiking (once we reach the top)!
Henry heading into the woods
This is what hiking looks like.  Notice how Uncle Chris is carrying Henry.  He may love camping, but he informed us the hiking he "just liked a little because it made his legs hurt."  That's my boy!
Chris and Nicole
Candice and Spencer
Nieem showing off his mad balancing skills
Family Camping Trip 2013
Brothers, in front of tents! That we slept in!  CAMPING!
Family Camping Trip 2013
Me and Nana (I know, with the bandanna, but I have this fear of ticks, so it does NOT come off while in the woods...)
Family Camping Trip 2013
Henry, just relaxing by our tent
Family Camping Trip 2013
Nieem learning how to start a fire with flint.   Henry with a little idol worship going on beside him.
Family Camping Trip 2013
Having a ball
Family Camping Trip 2013
Fired used to cook normal camping food like hot dogs, hamburgers and smores, but also some lesser known camping food like scrambled eggs, biscuits and hashbrowns...(Nana...)  (It was delicious)
Family Camping Trip 2013
Henry seriously slept better in the tent than he has in the house in the last month... I think we may relocate his bedroom to the back yard
Family Camping Trip 2013
Henry was thrilled to catch anything that moved... the night was filled with lightening bug hunting, the morning was full of grandaddy long legs (seen here) "Mama! It's a NICE SPIDER!!" as it crawled up his arm

Family Camping Trip 2013

And blue tailed lizards (I had no idea these things lived in Kentucky)  but Henry was a HUGE fan of "Herbert"... especially after he pooped.  (boys)
Family Camping Trip 2013
Hanging out with Grandpa and Caterpillar while Abner (the grandaddy long leg spider) helped Mama take a picture (whatever it takes to get the shot...)
Family Camping Trip 2013
So much fun... plus was the view from our campsite.  So all in all, I am a fan of camping.  Nick is on the fence, but with our boys new found love, I am pretty sure we will be back!