Monday, August 26, 2013

If It's Not One Thing...

Well, I went to my post op appointment from my surgery today and all is well...or as well as it can be with Stage 4 endometriosis.   He said there was a lot of endo, especially on that left side.  He also said that the nodule he removed was tested and it was not endometriosis, but it was benign.  Um.  GOOD TO KNOW.  Glad I didn't think to freak out that it MIGHT be something worse...

We talked about the need for a hysterectomy, which I am actually leaning towards doing next summer.  He did say we will have to take my one little remaining ovary, so that does make me hesitate a little... I just don't want it to be out of control painful again.  And the fact that I only made it 16 months between these last two surgeries is weighing on me.  We will see...

So  now that my endo is under control you would think I would be all foot loose and fancy free, but unfortunately last week I was randomly struck with an extremely unfortunate amount of EYE PAIN.


 We were standing in line at Chic-fil-a, waiting on a delicious salad, when all of a sudden I thought I had something in my eye.  I rubbed it... you know... the good old eye rub that has successfully removed debris from my eye for 33 years, and went about my merry way.  The next morning my eye looked like I had burst a blood vessel and it hurt to blink... which really is unfortunate.  I went to my PCP, which was stupid.  If you have an eye problem, see an eye doctor.  He sorta refused to look me directly in the eye (WHAT? Is my bloody eye DISTURBING YOU DOCTOR?!?) and gave me meds which didn't seem to help, so I was able to look THIS sexy all weekend.

(I thought about attaching a picture here, but nobody wants to see this)

Today I went to an actual doctor of the eye who did NOT refuse to look directly at me.  He said something along the lines of "Good GOD!  That eye is scratched all to hell!" (I might be paraphrasing, but he was impressed).  I have no idea how I did it... the dust at Chic-fil-a... it must actually be shards of glass.

So anyway, now I possess steroid eye drops along with eye antibiotics. I should look normal again within the week.  Between now and then, I wont take it personally if you don't want to look me in the eye...

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  1. My husband is an optometrist and always yells at me when I rub my eyes. Apparently, it's really bad for your eyes? Anyway, sorry your eye is busted, but take heart. He had a patient last week who burned her cornea with a CURLING IRON, so at least it's not that bad. :)


    (Her eye is fine now. The cornea can amazingly heal itself even from that.)