Monday, August 19, 2013

Sweet Child of Mine

 This boy...
Zoo 2013

He just does something to my heart.
Zoo 2013
The other day he was in the tub playing with his bath toys.  He is big into pretend play right now.  Something that amazes me to watch because, although I am sure I did it, I have no memory of being as thoroughly involved in my own make believe world.  And as I watch him, all I can think is "You are JUST LIKE Andy from Toy Story...".

  But anyway, he is in the tub, and I hear him talking about the good guys and the bad guys.  He starts telling me about the good guy:

"Dis is da good guy Mama.  He helps ALLllllll the people!  And he gets rid of the bad guys!  And he doesn't live on this planet*!"

I am half listening, but I catch just enough to say "Oh! Sounds like a cool good guy.  Is he Superman?"

To which he replies.  "No... he is Jesus"

Zoo 2013

This weekend I pulled him into my lap and he said "Mama!  Watch out for your belly!"

I told him I was feeling much better and could hold him as much as I wanted.

He looked at me with just so much joy and yelled "YAY MAMA!!  I LOVE YOU! I am SOOO happy you feel better!  Can I give you a big hug... and squeeze you really hard?"

Zoo 2013

He has decided his favorite food is tacos.  But... they only are filled with cheese.  No toco meat, just a bunch of shredded cheese in a taco shell.  (yes, I know that's a taco shaped nacho... but I don't want to break his heart and tell him).  Now, every night when I ask what he wants for dinner, he says :

"You know what would be a GREAT IDEA?!?  to have Tacos! NOOOOoooo MEAT!"

Zoo 2013
I constantly wonder how we got this lucky.  He truly is the most amazing, loving, kind hearted child I have ever know.  And I know he is mine, and I know everyone thinks their kids are the best... but seriously guys, he really might be.  I can't imagine him any more perfect.

PS. He is REALLY into close up pictures and silly faces.  OBVIOUSLY.

*we have had a lot of talks lately about where exactly heaven is located, and we had to explain that it isn't on earth, so he understood that we couldn't go visit.  Hence the Jesus not living here... just in case you were curious.


  1. I love the pretend play! It amazes me too! He really is a sweetie! xoxo

  2. Oh wow, how super sweet and adorable! That boy of yours really is well and truly amazing :) xx

  3. I love to watch Evie pretend... I dread it when she asks me to participate. I am just not good at it! So no, child, I don't want to talk for your Barbies because Mommy feels awkward wiggling a Barbie doll and doing a high pitched voice that says, "Well, I don't know! What do YOOOOUUUU want to do today?!"

    *Actual line from me because I NEVER know what to say...

  4. He is really sweet! Love the pretend play too!!

  5. I don't know if this book will help, but B loves it. My mom went through this whole kick of buying Heaven is For Real for everyone she knows, and bought the boys the kid's version.