Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Checking In

Hellllooooooo there.

It sorta feels like I have been out of commission for ages.  In reality, it's been six days...not exactly a lifetime or anything... but that time, combined with the last few weeks of pain from the endometriosis, and it just feels like I have been out of touch.  But don't worry, I am back!

 *Waves over-enthusiastically to nobody in particular*

Today is my last day off work, and it turns out that I started to feel like a normal human sometime yesterday, so all in all the timing is excellent.  From Thursday to Monday I basically did a lot of sleeping, watching TV, napping, reading, a little more sleeping, eating... you know how it goes.  But yesterday I woke up and moving didn't sound so terrible, so I did a little of that.  Today I even managed to get both Henry and I bathed and out of the house (BEFORE NOON!) and visited with my best friend.  THEN I went to the grocery.  I am like, wonder woman or something. 

I know I posted last Thursday (most of the things I sent out that afternoon are kinda a blur... I remember laying in bed with my phone while  Nick made me some food and thinking "I should let everyone know I am okay..."  but the actual DETAILS of sending those emails and posting on the blog are sorta fuzzy.... gotta love surgery drugs.)  As a general rundown of the post surgery news, the doctor said he removed a lot of endometriosis, especially from the left side where I was having so much pain.  There was apparently some place where the endometriosis was so thick it had formed nodules, and could be cut off and removed, rather than just lasered off.  I don't know why I find this fact so interesting, but I keep telling people about it.  In my head that large "nodule" of endo is the  cause of my recent misery.  (I have no idea if that's true...).  He felt like this surgery should buy me between six months and two years before I need to have the hysterectomy.  He said in order to make it to two  years, I will most likely have to do another six months on Lupron, which is NOT my favorite thing.  I meet with him in another week or so, so we will discuss the details then.

So I guess that's about it.  I have been resting and recovering.  I am starting to feel like myself again, which is always nice.   While resting, I kept myself entertained by taking pictures of what happened around me.  Things like:

That's how we build towers around here...
Building super tall towers...
practicing of Ninja moves (that face... it KILLS ME)
Getting REALLY close to the camera... just to amuse his Mama
Ellie says "oh.. You forgot your keys.. I was just...hanging out on the dining room table...No big deal"
And walking in to find Ellie just chilling on the dinning room table.

(okay, this pic gets a few more details...  We walked out the door to head to the surgery center on Thursday, then realized we forgot something and went right back in...and there she was.  She looked at us like "WHAT??" and just lay down.  Like, it's nothing for her to be ON THE FREAKING TABLE WHERE WE EAT. So we did what anybody would do.... we took a picture.  Good Dog.)

Okay... I am doing with the rambling.  I will be back with a nonsurgey related post soon.

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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling much better! I hope you do get the time you need before having a hysterectomy (though I don't envy you the Lupron!!) Good Luck with your next appointment xx