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Hi!  Welcome to Bio Girl!  (I like exclamation points!) I am Sarah and I have been blogging here at Bio Girl since January of 2007 (that's over five years but who's counting?).  At the time I started blogging, Nick and I were newly married and I was putting my Biology degree to work in an Environmental Lab here in the Bluegrass State (hence the Bio part of Bio Girl). 

(I also like parenthesis)

Not long after the start of this blog we decided we were ready to start a family.  The road to parenthood was not an easy one for us.  We ended up in the thick of infertility treatments before finally becoming parents to our sweet son Henry in 2009.  Not to be too sappy here, but the kid is totally the light of our lives and he owns my heart.  You might be able to tell this by how much he is talked about around here.  In 2011 we tried to add to our little family again, but it didn't work out.  We are now settled in and happily living as a family of three. (If you are interested in our infertility journey, you can find our time line here. )

In 2010 I switched jobs and started working in a soils lab at our local University.  I am not naming names or anything, but we are the kings of basketball.  I am now happily playing in the dirt all day, filling the role of Mama, wife, sister and friend as well as I know how, and just to keep busy, I am working on a Masters Degree in Public Health on the side. Just for fun. And for money.  But mostly for fun.

I talk a lot about things I enjoy, which turns out is pretty much everything.  I read a lot, I spend time with family a lot,  I take a lot of pictures.  If that sounds like stuff you might like, then I would love it if you stick around!
The Bio Girl Family, June 2012

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