Thursday, February 8, 2024

Sweet Missy: 11 Years

Eleven years is a long time. Longer than I ever could have imaged having to live without you.

The other day a memory popped up in my photos of Nick and Henry playing, and I could tell in the background we were in a hospital room. I kept thinking “why was Henry at the hospital?” and then it hit me – 11 years ago we were spending our last days with you. I looked at his smile in that picture and remembered how much love there was in that room – how much love there still is every single day that has you wrapped up in it.

The photo wasn’t about you, but it was because of you. These days we live a lot of our lives because of you. Everyday I go to work and do the things I love, they are because of you - you pushing me out the door to start my graduate program. You telling me it was okay to take that time to learn to do something I might love.

The moment mom and dad moved back to Lexington because they understood time was precious and they wanted to be closer to us and the babies. All those memories made on Lamont Drive – watching football and movies. Sitting around the fire pit or hanging out in the back yard. Nanny having pancakes for Darcy in the morning and pizza for Henry after school – every one of those small moments are in some part because of you.

The time boo and I cherish together – being sure to see each other, to talk to each other, do things together. Not taking moments for granted. That’s because of you.

How we are raising these sweet babies you loved so much. Making sure to slow down and make memories. Cousin trips to Kings Island. An upcoming trip to DC with Boo and Liz. Darcy and I going to see Taylor Swift. The entire family cheering the kids on at archery, baseball, and dance. Family trips to the beach or the lake or just to meet around the dinner table. You are wrapped up in each of those precious moments.

When we put too much sour cream on something, and Nick and I laugh and say “Dollop of Daisy!”. When someone overreacts and we say “Table?? What table!?”. The other day when I was with Henry, and he casually mentioned “Aunt Mimi used to let me do that”. Like even still, at 14, he remembers how his time with you was always centered on making every day special – making him feel important. He remembers. And now in moments when he shows kindness or prioritizes someone else’s happiness, those moments are in part because of you too.

Every single day, in large ways and small, you continue to make our lives better. We just wish you were here to see it.

Miss you every single day, baby sister. But always a little more today.


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