Saturday, March 29, 2008

New X-Files Movie!

How could nobody have told me this was happening?? I have been hearing about movies like Sex and the City (which I am so excited about) all over the Internet for ages, and yet...somehow the information that a new X-files movie is being made it totally going under the radar! Now I know some of you non-fans might be point out that this show ended like six years ago, and that nobody cares, but you are wrong! Nick and I care. Nick and I care plenty!!

Anyway, for you other X-file fans out there, here is the preview! (which totally looks bootleg, but I cannot seem to find the real version to post on here...)

I kinda think the movie looks like it might be a touch scary...I so hope it's good. This is like an old friend coming to visit who you haven't seen in ages. Amazing how we get so attached to characters on TV...anyway, hope you all are looking forward to it too! Nick and I restarted the entire series back at the beginning of the year. We are just finishing the first season...looks like we have a lot of episodes to watch before July 25th!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


So I have started back on the Clomid. I am now taking two pills per day instead of one. I was worried about how the double dose might affect me, but I am pleased to say there are really not many side effects as of now. I actually feel like I am doing better with it this month compared to last. Maybe that is just because I was on the progesterone in between, or maybe my body is getting used to hormones again. Either way, I am grateful that it is causing any crazy mood swings, dizziness or fits of tears. It is, however, causing one side effect...

THE HOT FLASHES ARE HERE. Yes, I had some internal temperature issues last month, but nothing that was to bad. This month, I am melting. I feel like right below my skin I am wearing a heating blanket I cannot get off. As long as I am not doing anything, and don't have covers on me, I am okay. Warm, on the verge of overly warm, but okay. Then I get worked up about something. Nothing big mind you...walk to the printer at work, make dinner, answer phone...god forbid get slightly excited about something....BOOM. FIRE. I cannot truly explain the rapid change in temperature, but it is...unplesant...VERY unpleasant.

I am so damn hot when I am sleeping that I get into bed with sleeping pants and a t-shirt, because our house is fairly cold, but within ten minutes I am ripping off the pants, kicking off any inch of covers, and just laying there miserable. fifteen minutes later I am covered in goose bumps, even though I still have that strange heating blanket sensation under my is just...miserable. I am hoping this is also just a side effect that I will get over soon, but I am not so sure. I am a little worried this heat is here to stay....

***as an added note, today is Boo's school baby shower!! I am so very looks like I am in for a long day of bursting into flames...***

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Few Quick Pic's

Well this is just getting silly. I totally forgot yesterday was Eater (bad heathen girl...I know...) when I planned on posting the birthday pic's. I (amazingly) got ready a little early this morning, so I thought I would just go ahead and throw them up here so I can finally move past them in my posting mind! For the record, Candice never sent me the good group shot we took with the timer, so I only have a few snapshots from the evening. This should be the first of four parent's birthday posts from this year. What are the odds that all four of our parents are celebrating a big birthday in the same year? Most of the parents are turning the big 5-0, but I am not sure how old my mom is...but I am thinking it is her 30th...or maybe it is 25...but totally one of the big ones!

Anyway, for Dale's 50th we got as many of the group together as we could (we were missing Chris and Catja who are down in Florida, and Victoria and Michael, who were not able to come) and went out to dinner at Bonefish (oh my word it was amazing) and then to Candice and Davis's for cake and presents. All in all I think it was a rather great birthday!
The birthday boy with his birthday cake...Dale is a firm believer in the need for the exact number of candles as your age on the cake. None of that 5-0 crap. We were a little concerned with the size of the flames, but he did manage to blow them all out on the first try...
He also is a believer in the once a decade purchase of some Woodford Reserve...
Not sure Candice was a fan of his sharing his purchase with Davis...
Here is a pic of Lisa and the girls...Can't you totally see how I wasn't sure they were identical twins...right. fool.
And here is a rather odd picture of me and Nick. In my defence, it took Jessica like 200 tries to take this pic, and I never really thought it was going to happen...but still not my best...
A cute one of Candice and Davis...
And their dog Gunner...he is HUGE
Did I mention we got Dale a pocket watch? He loved it!
and one last shot of the cake. I was in charge or ordering it...cute, no??

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Man, this week has flown by. I really did mean it when I said I would post "tomorrow" about Dale's 50th's just...I haven't really sat down at the computer since the last post on Tuesday. How crazy is that? I would have thought with all my free time I would have been on the computer a ton, but turns out, when I have lots of other options, like seeing friends, shopping, watching TV...those things seem to win the fight for my attention!

On a productive note, I did manage to scrub my entire house from top to bottom (we are talking washing base boards and chair rails here people....okay, you all might wash those like every month or something (how often are you suppose to wash them...(did you notice this is my third set of parentheses inside a set of about getting off topic)))ANYWAY, the house is clean. I LOVE it. And I can even say now that it is wasn't that hard and I should keep it looking like this that it has been said the house can officially go back to normal. Which might be good so I can stop obsessively picking up each piece of lint I see while repeating in my head "pretty house, pretty house"...okay I am not chanting, but I AM a little over obsessed with keeping it perfect as long as possible.

The need for the ultra clean house was two fold. First, I had to prove my merit as a stay at home wife. Second, (and this is the big one) we were getting the house reappraised. It has been a couple of years, so the entire addition is new. We are not wanting to borrow any more money, but a lower payment would really be nice. Right now our loan is an adjustable rate mortgage, so we are wanting to get it fixed, with a percentage down around 6ish. The percent will depend on the length of the loan, which will depend on the value from the appraisal...bla bla bla. Only real point is that on my vacation I managed to get the house clean, AND get an appraisal AND meet with the banker about the refinance! Yea me!!

I have done other random things, but that is the big check mark off the to do list that was accomplished by having the vacation. So now I will leave you with a few birthday pic's. What's that? This post has been nothing about Dale's birthday?? Um...right. Maybe I should post the pic's tomorrow...yeeeesssss...then I will pull out yet ANOTHER post while on vacation....okay. Back tomorrow with very few, very unexciting birthday party pic's! (tempting, right??)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What I Should Do....

So let me tell you how much I am loving this whole vacation-at-home plan. Not that I would want this to be my vacation constant....I mean, I love a good sand and sun vacation as much as the next guy, but still...this is just lovely. I guess any time away from work is always just so relaxing. So you wanna know what I have been doing?

Well, Monday I took time out of my very busy day to get ONE load of laundry done. I know, I know. Please hold your applause until the end of the post. I am a phenom. I ALSO (yes, there is more) made Cinnamon Twists for breakfast. I will add that apparently Pillsbury must have made a deal with the devil to get so lucky as to join forces with Cinnabon. Dear lord these things are good. Think you have tried Pillsbury before...try again. Just make sure it has the Cinnabon stamp....mmmmmm....After that I settled in for a good two hours of the Road Rules Real World Gauntlet 3. Let me tell you that I have not watched any of these shows in YEARS, that I have no idea who anybody is except Coral, AND that for the life of me I cannot figure out the freaking rules of the game. And yet I watch. I watch and I ask Missy questions. She doesn't seem to know much more than me, but we are hooked...Around four in the afternoon I did manage to drag myself off the couch and go get my SIL to pick out a birthday present for my father in law's 50th birthday. I have a post all about that, but need some pictures from Candice first.... I will show you all the details of the party tomorrow...anyway, after the very successful gift hunt, I managed to get home in time to have dinner on the table at an impressive nine pm. Like I said, phenom.

Yesterday I did get up at a decent hour (nine thirty) and took Missy to an interview down at UK. (she didn't get the position, but they did love her and would have hired her but the position was for a upper level computer science student, so they needed her enrolled in at least one class at annoying that the fact that she is done with her degree meant she COULDN'T take this job...) Anyway, it was good experience for her to have the interview.... then we ran Nick his lunch (great wife) and went home to watch something along the lines of Project Runway....when I walked out of the house a few hours later, I realized I HAD A FLAT TIRE! How annoying is that?? Let me tell you, it isn't nearly as annoying as when Nick got home to change the tire (Come thought I might CHANGE the tire??) the spare refused to come off the bottom of the car. Apparently something broke...I don't really know, but I do know that it led to an angry husband...anyway, we left home in the Buick for the Birthday party...which I will cover tomorrow. So, that basically catches you up on the vacation.

So I am thinking I love this staying home stuff. And I think I would be a great stay at home wife....AND I am thinking what I SHOULD do is a little more laundry, clean up the house, turn off the TV and get dinner on the table before 9pm for me to convince my husband that I am good at this....I don't think he is ever going to buy it...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Well I hope you all are having a great St. Patrick's Day!! I must admit, I have never been a huge celebrator of the St. Patty's Day. I mean, my mom does love the all holidays, so we had our yearly green dinner. This dinner was not in any way Irish, but it was seriously green. The meal consisted of Shepherd's Pie (with dyed green mashed potatoes), broccoli casserole, green bean casserole, Dyed green biscuits, dyed green Sprite...lord only knows how much food coloring went into the meal, but it became a family tradition. In high school friends would always want to come to green dinner (mainly because green or not, my mom's food is the best food around) and we always had a blast.

Well, a couple of years ago Charing invited us over for St. Patrick's Day dinner. Imagine my surprise to get there and, rather than all green food, to find an authentic Irish meal! We had Corned Beef and Cabbage, potatoes, carrots, Irish Soda Bread...It was seriously Delicious!! This year Boo and Chris, Tarp and Jim, and Nick and I were all able to make it for the party. We ate the wonderful Irish meal, and then did a lot of drinking of the slightly less Irish Margarita's and Corona (BUT it is beer, so it counts!!) plus we had Bailey's, so there was definitely an Irish twist on the after party!
As the night wore on we ended up playing the game Apples to Apples, which if you have never played at a party then you are missing out. It is the perfect game for small parties like this, in the fact that it is fast passed, and required only small spurts of concentration. (I kinda sound like Boo and Sheri, but seriously, the game is fun) After the game, there may have been a small bit of dancing...but it may have mainly been Tarp and Carter. Still a good show for for the rest of us!!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the event. Hope you all are wearing your green and having a great St. Patrick's Day too!!
Here are Nick and Chris, who decided to go with the blue look rather than the classic St. Patty's green... And Scott went with the gray...

Here is acute pic of me and Charing
and a good one of Tarp...he took a stupid picture of me where I look all annoyed, and I attempt to get him back with a bad picture of him...failed miserably...Some kids bob for apples...but not Carter!And who can blame him for keeping his bottle cold??
Nick might have egged him on a bit...I have never been so proud... Then Tarp decided it was time to teach Carter to Salsa...Carter was a fan
And to end off the picture post, a cute picture of me and my husband!

So that is it. Happy St. Patrick's Day, and don't forget...tomorrow is St. Joseph's Day!! What?? You didn't know about that? Okay, I had no idea either, but apparently it is and you eat Italian food and what not. As far as I know there is no color requirements for old St. Joseph. Thanks for Charing for filling me in on the forgotten Saint's holiday! What would I do without you??

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Perfect Start

So there was this fear on Friday that I was going to have to end up working on Saturday. What a shitty way to start my much needed vacation! Lucky for me Tarp and Justin both decided they could handle the new big rain project without me. Thank God. Seriously, I didn't realize how much I was in need of a couple of days off until this break started...

BUT...I have had a nearly perfect weekend (Friday night I hung out with my sister in law, and we have not really just the two of us hung out in AGES, and then last night Charing had a St. Patrick's day party that I will post about was awesome!!), and I STILL get SEVEN more days!! Have you all ever taken a complete week off of work and just stayed home? Okay, I am sure all my teacher readers have, but I don't know if it is that common for people with the normal Two-Week-Vacation kinda jobs. I know I have never done it. Whenever I had a vacation, we packed up the car and went to Florida, or South Carolina to see family at the very least...there was never any of this "just stay home" stuff.

For that reason I really rolled around in my head the idea of going to South Carolina just to hang out or up to Chicago to see my best friend up there. The Chicago was a strong call, but with the price of gas ($3.34!!!) and the lack of funds due to all the fertility stuff, AND with the fact I would be making the drive both ways all by myself...I decided to stay the course and just chill. I am now thinking I made the right decision. There are tons of little things to do around the house, plus I can actually spend some time with everyone...everyone including my TV. Anybody got the first three seasons of lost on DVD they want to lend me?? I am so hooked on that crazy show.....anyway, I am excited....and I think I might be on to something with this vacation at home deal...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Body Parts

I have been working my tail off lately. Today was the end of our two week pay period and I have logged in...wait for it....102 hours. ONE HUNDRED AND TWO HOURS!! These are the days that I am so happy that I am hourly. When I clocked out today Justin was like, "Yeah...they are going to have a problem with that!" I don't think they will. I mean, we had the Audit, then we went right into the huge rain project at the main lab....then I worked this weekend, and THEN this past week the GM was on vacation and we had to cover. It has been a serious two weeks. It isn't like I have been sitting around just racking up the overtime while playing Bejeweled 2 (yes I included a link. Yes I used to be totally addicted to this game when I worked at the hospital...).

Anyway, the point is that they actually NEEDED me to get all that work done. I will say that now I am so very ready for some time off. Tomorrow should be my Friday off, but I am working so I can take Monday. Why you ask? Well, I happen to have four days of vacation I must use. Our time off runs out after a year, and somehow I have not used all my days. This means that after tomorrow, I am off for an entire week!! I honestly cannot remember the last time I had this long off work. Even for the wedding, I came back and worked the next weekend. This will be nine uninterrupted days of vacation. So. Excited.

But, the actual story for this post is not that I am tired of work. That just came out as one long rant as soon as I sat down. Odd. Anyway, what I actually sat down to tell you was that I got an interesting call at work today. This woman called, and I pick up. I am in a mad rush, no time for chit-chat. She asks what tests we run. I hold back the serious urge for a deep sigh. MY GOD DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT?? Ask me do we do ______. Ask me if we do environmental testing....DO NOT SAY "WHAT DO YOU ALL DOOOOOO?" on the busiest day ever.

So I start telling her. Rattling off tons of tests, telling her we run many more in the main lab...bla bla bla. Here is where it got a little entertaining for me. She says "I know you do tests on water. What else do you test?". I see where this is going. We do not do drug testing. We do not do paternity testing. These are two very common phone calls. Amazingly, this is not what she asks me. She asks..."Do you test Body Parts??" The look on my face must have been something special because now I have both Tarp and Justin's attention as I say, "Um, I'm sorry...I don't know what exactly you mean....but we don't do ANY testing on body parts here..." and then she says, "So you don't, like, test for them?" me, "For body No we don't."

After I hung up the phone I seriously wanted to know what in the hell this woman had that she needed tested! Did she HAVE some unidentified body part?? Did she think some part of her body needed testing. I have to say that I wish this call had come on a day I wasn't as busy...then I might have asked a few more questions. But honestly, who DOES test body parts?? I couldn't even send her in a direction...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Amsterdam

So when Nick and I start watching some new show on TV, we always have this very strong fear that it will be canceled and we will never hear from it again. We were POSITIVE that the Office was going to be canceled. We watched each week, and laughed and laughed, then when it was over we would look at each other and say, "Man, I hope it is on next week!".

I believe the fear started when we both got totally hooked in the show Miracles (which now that I found on Netflix, I am TOTALLY going to watch again!). The idea was that this priest went around solving mysteries, and trying to prove if the odd occurrences were acts of God, or just pranks or what have you. With our love of the X-files, it is not hard to see how we enjoyed this show. Anyway, there were about five episodes, (all damn good I might add...there was this one about a plane...I am not going into it all now, but I will tell you it was enjoyable) and then we settled down for our next episode and BAM. Show gone. Apparently we were the only people in America watching.

Anyway, to my point. I now have a fear that shows I watch will be canceled. You can imagine then that I am very concerned about my new favorite show New Amsterdam. It has all the makings of something Nick and I are going to enjoy. It is just a little bit of Science Fiction, tied to a crime drama. This mix is rare I think...but whatever. The show is about the guy John Amsterdam who basically died back in like the 1600's, but these Native Americans saved him, and made him immortal until the time he finds his true love. Okay, it sounds silly, but it isn't! It is so good*! Each week (of the three I have seen) there is the whole "solving crimes like a detective" part of the show, but THEN there is also the "tie this all in to some memory he has from two hundred years ago" part of the show. THEN there is the entire "search for the true love" thing so his life has meaning...I love it. LOVE IT. So, watch it. You know you want to...and then maybe this new show of mine will actually stick around!

*for the people like myself and my husband....and my whole entire family, who loves those sci-fi, time travel sort of things...if you don't like those sorts of things, you might not dig my new show...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Step One Part C...and Go Back to Start

Just a quick update one my appointment from today. We found out that apparently I am not ovulating at all this month. To say this is disappointing is the understatement of the year. Of course there are no answers as to why I am not ovulating, the doctor just said that even if I was going to ovulate late, he would be able to see SOMETHING by now. Since there is clearly nothing there, there is no need to wait any longer. He says we should just start over and cross our fingers for next month.

So, this means we are taking medication to get my period started, then doubling my dose of Clomid. I am worried about how the higher dose of hormones will affect me. I am worried about why I am not ovulating. I am worried about the quality of my eggs. Honestly, I really didn't think I would stop ovulating. I thought the problem was somewhere else. So...I am worried. And I am sad. We will just move on and think good thoughts for next month. Maybe it will be our month!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


So we got some snow. Not as much as I was hoping for. I really wanted a foot...I mean, doesn't a foot of snow sound impressive??. Still, we came away with five inches, and that is a rare occurrence around here. About an hour away from us they were hit with the 12-14 inches, and although I am jealous, I am sure it has its annoyances as well.

When I got home from work, Nick, Missy and I all went to get breakfast at Denny's. Not exactly healthy, but most definitely delicious. Then we came home and played in the snow. Yes, all three of us. Mainly we were playing with Ellie who, come to find out, loves herself a good snowstorm!Here are Ellie and Missy having a grand old time
and here is one of her and her Papa...where she clearly is not interested in having her picture taken, she only wants to play
Did I ever tell you she is a fast dog? Well, she is. Even in the snow...And man, she can jump. (and her mama cannot take a good picture of it to save her life!) We were throwing snowballs in the air and she would jump up and catch them in her mouth
This girl knows how to have a good time in the snow.

Once we were done, we had some serious snow mattes to contend with, but it was worth it. All four of us had an absolute blast. Now it''s time for some hot cocoa and maybe a nap...

**What's that?? You find it odd that I am doing an entire post of pictures of my dog playing in the snow?? I hate to tell you how many pictures we ACTUALLY took of her! She's our baby you know!**

Friday, March 7, 2008

Step One B

Just a quick update. The doctor today could totally not see anything productive. He said I had a "few VERY small follicles", but at this point there is no way to tell if they will develop and I will just ovulate late, or if I am simply not ovulating at all this month. I could see in his evil mad scientist eyes that he thinks I am not ovulating, but I don't think so. My cycle has been running long, and I think it still is. We will see Monday, which is when I am going back for phase two of part one, a second ultrasound.

He did inform me that if I was to not ovulate, he will then just increase my dose of Clomid for next month. Come to find out I am taking 50mg per day right now, but could work my way up to 250mg per day! Good lord. I am sure you will hear some serious complaints of mood swings and hot flashes if I am taking five of those pills a day!

So that is it. We are buckling down for the "most snow we have seen in a decade". I am still a skeptic, but we will see. We went out to dinner, and the roads are most definitely getting bad. I am just not as sure we are going to break the six inch mark. Time will tell...I really hope we do. I love a good snow storm!

Step One

Well, today we will take the first real step in our first real month of IUI (intra-uterine insemination). I guess the Clomid could be considered step one, but I decided starting my steps posts with the number two would make you feel you had missed something. (Yes, there is a good chance this will be the only one, but I like to sometimes believe I am going to stick with a strategy on posting...). Anyway, I am going to the doctor today to get an ultrasound to see how my egg(s) are doing and get the date I should be ovulating. I am not extremely optimistic that they will be able to see anything today, but I will be happy to go and take a look!

The problem is that today is only day ten of my cycle, and although I am sure Clomid is a magical drug, I am just not positive it will be able to make me ovulate on a nice normal day like fourteen in it's very first month. Could be totally wrong here, but I am expecting them to take a look, say it is to early, and tell me to come back next week.

Once they figure out when I am ovulating, they will pinpoint the day, and I will be given a shot to take at home the night before. That will all be step two, so I will share that later. Don't want to bore you with to much fertility talk all at once! I will tack on here, just as an update, that I am exhausted. Like fall asleep at the computer tired. I worked in the main lab again yesterday and am clocking a lovely amount of overtime. Unfortunately I do work this weekend (Fortunate for the money, unfortunate for the tired factor) but I have a glorious week off coming up here soon. Cannot wait.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Home Safe

So I made it back to my house safe and sound. I am pretty sure that is the first time in my life I have actually worked all night. Due to the nature of my job, with short hold times and with being at the mercy of the weather, I have commonly had to be there in what I consider the middle of the night. Three in the morning is common, but this was ten at night. That meant leaving our lab at 8:30. After working the majority of the day on Monday! I did manage to grab maybe an hour of sleep before I went, but I had constant phone calls from the lab coming in with updates (HELLO. Let me sleep!!) and then Nick called at seven. I hadn't spoken to him up in Pittsburgh that day, so I talked to him for a while about the audit and the night ahead. By the time I was off the phone the nap was over.

Poor Justin did not sleep at all. His dog would not leave him alone. Thank god we trained Ellie to be the laziest dog alive, and when we want to sleep she is always ready to go. commonly when I walk in the bedroom to put something away she runs in a break neck speeds and jumps in the bed. So ready for a nap. I distinctly remember when she was a puppy, and I wanted to take a nap after a late night of drinking and what not. She was running around, and I called her over...and just lightly pushed her down. She got back up, ready to go. I was like, "No, no baby girl. It is nap time!" A couple more attempts and she figured it out. Sleeeeeeeeeep. Now that dog can go from turbo play mode to "oh is it nap time?? Thank GOD" in like four seconds. Lovely.

The actual work was fine. We were very very busy, and when the crew came in at six in the morning we were ready to be done. We stuck around a little longer to help with the transition, but then hit the road. the second crew was not so happy about us leaving, but they didn't have the hour and a half drive...and they had slept in their sweet beds that night, so I don't really care. I am so glad I had Justin with me on the drive home. God knows we were both about to drop, but he kept the conversation going, and was even nice enough to suggest it might be good for us to stop and get some food to wake us up.

Okay...he really suggested this after I accidentally took an exit that put us right beside a Waffle House, but either way we both thought some coffee and food would help. I did inform him that eating a BLT for breakfast was just plain crazy, to which he answered, "When ELSE would I ever eat a BLT???" Hopeless. Obviously you eat a BLT for LUNCH after you have had the big country breakfast that included the bacon! He did inform me that he has never seen anyone get gravy on their hash browns...what the hell. He considers himself country! And yes the Waffle House now sells gravy....and yes the waitress of the Waffle House also informed me that she has never been asked to put gravy on hash browns....go figure.

Anyway, this is really turning into a long post about nothing at all! We got back into town around 8:30, and I really thought I might have a hard time getting to sleep. That was right up until my head hit the pillow, I thought to myself, "I guess it's the caffeine...I am just not that tired..." and the next thing I knew it was two in the afternoon. It was possibly the deepest sleep I have ever had...Nick got home last night, and I had no problem going right back to bed at midnight and sleeping until 8:15 this morning. Back on track already!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Audit Success!

Well, I just got out of my audit. It went amazing, so that is always exciting. This is the first full year I have been taking care of the microbiology department on my own, so this audit was a big deal to me. The auditor, who is seriously like the nicest man alive, said that everything was amazingly organized and that I had done a great job! I don't think we will even have any deficiencies for him to write up, and that would be a first as far as I know. It is always nice when things like that go exactly like you want them to, and you are so together and organized and on top of things....I am just so pleased that it went so well!

The only problem of the day was that early in the audit we got a phone call. Apparently the rain is coming again, and they need TWO people (of the three in the lab) to go to the main lab to help out. We have to start working at nine tonight, so that means Justin and I leave here at seven thirty. Then the second shift of people will come in at 3am, but we will most likely still have to stay for a couple more hours. I figure I will be back home around eight in the morning. It really sucks that with Nick out of town last night, I just didn't sleep well. It may have had something to do with the fact that I was up until two in the morning watching every episode of Lost that I had (Fixed my DVR!! Amazing what you can do when you are alone and want to watch TV!) and then Project Runway. I am sure it also had something to do with my mind racing about the audit and just not being as comfortable sleeping when I am home alone....but anyway, I didn't get a lot of sleep.

So now I am home. I am suppose to be in bed, but I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and changed the laundry instead. And clearly now I am writing on my blog. I do not know what is wrong with me. I guess I should get into bed...or run the vacuum really fast...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Did I Forget to Tell You?

Nick is out of town. He left for Pittsburgh this morning. I was talking to Charing this morning and told her I was about to go and drop Nick off for his trip and she was totally like, "What the hell?? Nick is going out of town?!?" Oops. I guess I forgot to mention it! The thing is, Nick has been suppose to go on this trip like a million times. They keep scheduling it, then about three days before they change their mind and push it back a week. I guess I just never really believed he was going until this morning when he packed his suitcase. Seeing has how he actually packed this morning, I am thinking he didn't believe he was going until today either...anyway, he will be back on Tuesday night, so it is not a long trip at all. Just a couple of days to get things up and running on their project.

So now here I sit. All alone in my house, and unable to decide what I want to do with my new found freedom. I went to my parents house earlier today, and spent time with them. My mom had this great lunch for my grandma and several of her sisters. It was a really nice day. Now I am home, and torn. Obviously all things remotely productive are out. I mean, I could do laundry and clean, I could work on my Spanish game and the maybe go for a jog (shut up...I could jog), but lets be real. This is rare time to do whatever I want. Do I watch some movie that only I would enjoy? Do I call out for Thai food? Do I spend the entire evening on the computer reading dozens of blogs??? It's a tough call.

Well, I do know the Thai is coming one way or another, so I should just cave on that now....of course, when I sat down to watch some episodes of Lost (a show Missy has got me watching that Nick thinks is to confusing...which it totally is, but I watch it anyway) and what DVR dies. IT DIES!!! My entire screen just freezes when I try to watch anything. I have to actually restart the entire cable box just to get the TV back on at all. It is so depressing. Of course this would happen when I can finally settle in and watch my Lost's, Grey's Anatomy's and maybe a little Project Runway without the deep sighs and grunts from the husband in the recliner. Guess I need to call the cable guy tomorrow... for tonight I think I am settling on Stardust and Thai...not a bad night! Wait...or maybe I will start a season of Sex in the City...yes. I believe that will be the ticket to the perfect night alone!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Never Ever Ever Okay...

Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days. The combination of the audit and the endometriosis has taken over my life. I did start taking Clomid yesterday. I have heard many bad things about this drug, but since I have been on much stronger doses of hormones before I really thought it would be fine. I mean, it says hot flashes are a side effect, but NOTHING could be worse than the Lupron hot flashes....I mean, I carried around one of those little pocket fans for six months. It could also make you extremely emotional, but yet again, what could be worse than the time I SOBBED for days over the dog dying on Futurama...(and Nick was so sweet and understanding that it just might have something to do with the Lupron as I sobbed, "But BABY....*gasp for air* could he just *gasp* DIIIEEEEE?!?!" *sobs begin again*). I will remind those of you who don't know, that Futurama is in fact a cartoon. It was serious.

I am now on day two of the Clomid (I take one pill a day for five days to make sure that I ovulate correctly) and I must say I am not a big fan. I am not having any hot flashes or mood swings as far as I can tell (but it is only day two....but there are only five days total...right) but I am having some serious dizziness issues. I feel all light headed, and just....woozy. Then sprinkle in a touch of nausea. It's not sob-over-cartoon-dog-while-carrying-pocket-fan bad, but I still don't like it.

So, besides all the fertility stuff, I can only think of one thing to tell you. Something that has been haunting me since Missy and I watched it on TV yesterday. Do you all watch Project Runway? I actually don't watch it either, but Missy is a big fan. I was watching it with her, and this designer made this jacket. This jacket that was trimmed...with HUMAN HAIR. Seriously. Somehow little mister Chris March thought it was a genius idea to use HUMAN HAIR as the fur trim. Oh, it makes my skin crawl. long nasty hair all around your neck, wrists and waist...what if it rained?? WET HUMAN HAIR all around you...oh it is just really bothering me. Who on earth would drape themselves in someone else's hair?? ( I did have a theory that JLo will be wearing this soon, or putting it on the twins, but she's from the block, so she can wear anything she wants...) I know you wanna see a picture of the nasty human hair jacket...
So that's it. I am sure you all wish I hadn't shared, but if I have to know about it, then you have to know about it too!