Monday, March 24, 2008

A Few Quick Pic's

Well this is just getting silly. I totally forgot yesterday was Eater (bad heathen girl...I know...) when I planned on posting the birthday pic's. I (amazingly) got ready a little early this morning, so I thought I would just go ahead and throw them up here so I can finally move past them in my posting mind! For the record, Candice never sent me the good group shot we took with the timer, so I only have a few snapshots from the evening. This should be the first of four parent's birthday posts from this year. What are the odds that all four of our parents are celebrating a big birthday in the same year? Most of the parents are turning the big 5-0, but I am not sure how old my mom is...but I am thinking it is her 30th...or maybe it is 25...but totally one of the big ones!

Anyway, for Dale's 50th we got as many of the group together as we could (we were missing Chris and Catja who are down in Florida, and Victoria and Michael, who were not able to come) and went out to dinner at Bonefish (oh my word it was amazing) and then to Candice and Davis's for cake and presents. All in all I think it was a rather great birthday!
The birthday boy with his birthday cake...Dale is a firm believer in the need for the exact number of candles as your age on the cake. None of that 5-0 crap. We were a little concerned with the size of the flames, but he did manage to blow them all out on the first try...
He also is a believer in the once a decade purchase of some Woodford Reserve...
Not sure Candice was a fan of his sharing his purchase with Davis...
Here is a pic of Lisa and the girls...Can't you totally see how I wasn't sure they were identical twins...right. fool.
And here is a rather odd picture of me and Nick. In my defence, it took Jessica like 200 tries to take this pic, and I never really thought it was going to happen...but still not my best...
A cute one of Candice and Davis...
And their dog Gunner...he is HUGE
Did I mention we got Dale a pocket watch? He loved it!
and one last shot of the cake. I was in charge or ordering it...cute, no??

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  1. Honey, I'll be 29 (again). But thanks for thinking that I might be 25.
    And oh by the way you are my FAVORITE daughter!!