Sunday, March 2, 2008

Did I Forget to Tell You?

Nick is out of town. He left for Pittsburgh this morning. I was talking to Charing this morning and told her I was about to go and drop Nick off for his trip and she was totally like, "What the hell?? Nick is going out of town?!?" Oops. I guess I forgot to mention it! The thing is, Nick has been suppose to go on this trip like a million times. They keep scheduling it, then about three days before they change their mind and push it back a week. I guess I just never really believed he was going until this morning when he packed his suitcase. Seeing has how he actually packed this morning, I am thinking he didn't believe he was going until today either...anyway, he will be back on Tuesday night, so it is not a long trip at all. Just a couple of days to get things up and running on their project.

So now here I sit. All alone in my house, and unable to decide what I want to do with my new found freedom. I went to my parents house earlier today, and spent time with them. My mom had this great lunch for my grandma and several of her sisters. It was a really nice day. Now I am home, and torn. Obviously all things remotely productive are out. I mean, I could do laundry and clean, I could work on my Spanish game and the maybe go for a jog (shut up...I could jog), but lets be real. This is rare time to do whatever I want. Do I watch some movie that only I would enjoy? Do I call out for Thai food? Do I spend the entire evening on the computer reading dozens of blogs??? It's a tough call.

Well, I do know the Thai is coming one way or another, so I should just cave on that now....of course, when I sat down to watch some episodes of Lost (a show Missy has got me watching that Nick thinks is to confusing...which it totally is, but I watch it anyway) and what DVR dies. IT DIES!!! My entire screen just freezes when I try to watch anything. I have to actually restart the entire cable box just to get the TV back on at all. It is so depressing. Of course this would happen when I can finally settle in and watch my Lost's, Grey's Anatomy's and maybe a little Project Runway without the deep sighs and grunts from the husband in the recliner. Guess I need to call the cable guy tomorrow... for tonight I think I am settling on Stardust and Thai...not a bad night! Wait...or maybe I will start a season of Sex in the City...yes. I believe that will be the ticket to the perfect night alone!


  1. bored?nothing to do?
    Come be part of my movie!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like a great night. WHERE are you getting Thai food delivered from? We have to talk.