Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Amsterdam

So when Nick and I start watching some new show on TV, we always have this very strong fear that it will be canceled and we will never hear from it again. We were POSITIVE that the Office was going to be canceled. We watched each week, and laughed and laughed, then when it was over we would look at each other and say, "Man, I hope it is on next week!".

I believe the fear started when we both got totally hooked in the show Miracles (which now that I found on Netflix, I am TOTALLY going to watch again!). The idea was that this priest went around solving mysteries, and trying to prove if the odd occurrences were acts of God, or just pranks or what have you. With our love of the X-files, it is not hard to see how we enjoyed this show. Anyway, there were about five episodes, (all damn good I might add...there was this one about a plane...I am not going into it all now, but I will tell you it was enjoyable) and then we settled down for our next episode and BAM. Show gone. Apparently we were the only people in America watching.

Anyway, to my point. I now have a fear that shows I watch will be canceled. You can imagine then that I am very concerned about my new favorite show New Amsterdam. It has all the makings of something Nick and I are going to enjoy. It is just a little bit of Science Fiction, tied to a crime drama. This mix is rare I think...but whatever. The show is about the guy John Amsterdam who basically died back in like the 1600's, but these Native Americans saved him, and made him immortal until the time he finds his true love. Okay, it sounds silly, but it isn't! It is so good*! Each week (of the three I have seen) there is the whole "solving crimes like a detective" part of the show, but THEN there is also the "tie this all in to some memory he has from two hundred years ago" part of the show. THEN there is the entire "search for the true love" thing so his life has meaning...I love it. LOVE IT. So, watch it. You know you want to...and then maybe this new show of mine will actually stick around!

*for the people like myself and my husband....and my whole entire family, who loves those sci-fi, time travel sort of things...if you don't like those sorts of things, you might not dig my new show...


  1. OK, I just added "Miracles" to my Netflix queue. God, what did we do before Netflix?? But I can't support you on "New Amsterdam". We thought it was totally lame. Just another cop show, only he is immortal. And we didn't like him as a character at all. Sorry about that. I don't think that show will last.

  2. We love New Amsterdam and will hope that it sticks around too. Different strokes for different folks.