Sunday, March 16, 2008

Perfect Start

So there was this fear on Friday that I was going to have to end up working on Saturday. What a shitty way to start my much needed vacation! Lucky for me Tarp and Justin both decided they could handle the new big rain project without me. Thank God. Seriously, I didn't realize how much I was in need of a couple of days off until this break started...

BUT...I have had a nearly perfect weekend (Friday night I hung out with my sister in law, and we have not really just the two of us hung out in AGES, and then last night Charing had a St. Patrick's day party that I will post about was awesome!!), and I STILL get SEVEN more days!! Have you all ever taken a complete week off of work and just stayed home? Okay, I am sure all my teacher readers have, but I don't know if it is that common for people with the normal Two-Week-Vacation kinda jobs. I know I have never done it. Whenever I had a vacation, we packed up the car and went to Florida, or South Carolina to see family at the very least...there was never any of this "just stay home" stuff.

For that reason I really rolled around in my head the idea of going to South Carolina just to hang out or up to Chicago to see my best friend up there. The Chicago was a strong call, but with the price of gas ($3.34!!!) and the lack of funds due to all the fertility stuff, AND with the fact I would be making the drive both ways all by myself...I decided to stay the course and just chill. I am now thinking I made the right decision. There are tons of little things to do around the house, plus I can actually spend some time with everyone...everyone including my TV. Anybody got the first three seasons of lost on DVD they want to lend me?? I am so hooked on that crazy show.....anyway, I am excited....and I think I might be on to something with this vacation at home deal...

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  1. You missed the first three seasons? How in the world are you figuring out what is going on?? You know they are on Netflix, right? But that doesn't really help you on your week off! Enjoy it.