Thursday, March 27, 2008


So I have started back on the Clomid. I am now taking two pills per day instead of one. I was worried about how the double dose might affect me, but I am pleased to say there are really not many side effects as of now. I actually feel like I am doing better with it this month compared to last. Maybe that is just because I was on the progesterone in between, or maybe my body is getting used to hormones again. Either way, I am grateful that it is causing any crazy mood swings, dizziness or fits of tears. It is, however, causing one side effect...

THE HOT FLASHES ARE HERE. Yes, I had some internal temperature issues last month, but nothing that was to bad. This month, I am melting. I feel like right below my skin I am wearing a heating blanket I cannot get off. As long as I am not doing anything, and don't have covers on me, I am okay. Warm, on the verge of overly warm, but okay. Then I get worked up about something. Nothing big mind you...walk to the printer at work, make dinner, answer phone...god forbid get slightly excited about something....BOOM. FIRE. I cannot truly explain the rapid change in temperature, but it is...unplesant...VERY unpleasant.

I am so damn hot when I am sleeping that I get into bed with sleeping pants and a t-shirt, because our house is fairly cold, but within ten minutes I am ripping off the pants, kicking off any inch of covers, and just laying there miserable. fifteen minutes later I am covered in goose bumps, even though I still have that strange heating blanket sensation under my is just...miserable. I am hoping this is also just a side effect that I will get over soon, but I am not so sure. I am a little worried this heat is here to stay....

***as an added note, today is Boo's school baby shower!! I am so very looks like I am in for a long day of bursting into flames...***


  1. The whole hormone thing and hot flashes is an unfortunate side of menopause as well as what you're going through. Unfortunately, the hot flashes have never stopped for me. Finally! Somebody understands. You have my sympathy.


  2. Nobody truly understands hot flashes until they have one. You think it would just make you warm and cozy but it's completely different from being warm - it's miserable!! Hopefully, you won't have the night sweats. I have actually had my sheets soaking wet. Not pleasant.