Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What I Should Do....

So let me tell you how much I am loving this whole vacation-at-home plan. Not that I would want this to be my vacation constant....I mean, I love a good sand and sun vacation as much as the next guy, but still...this is just lovely. I guess any time away from work is always just so relaxing. So you wanna know what I have been doing?

Well, Monday I took time out of my very busy day to get ONE load of laundry done. I know, I know. Please hold your applause until the end of the post. I am a phenom. I ALSO (yes, there is more) made Cinnamon Twists for breakfast. I will add that apparently Pillsbury must have made a deal with the devil to get so lucky as to join forces with Cinnabon. Dear lord these things are good. Think you have tried Pillsbury before...try again. Just make sure it has the Cinnabon stamp....mmmmmm....After that I settled in for a good two hours of the Road Rules Real World Gauntlet 3. Let me tell you that I have not watched any of these shows in YEARS, that I have no idea who anybody is except Coral, AND that for the life of me I cannot figure out the freaking rules of the game. And yet I watch. I watch and I ask Missy questions. She doesn't seem to know much more than me, but we are hooked...Around four in the afternoon I did manage to drag myself off the couch and go get my SIL to pick out a birthday present for my father in law's 50th birthday. I have a post all about that, but need some pictures from Candice first.... I will show you all the details of the party tomorrow...anyway, after the very successful gift hunt, I managed to get home in time to have dinner on the table at an impressive nine pm. Like I said, phenom.

Yesterday I did get up at a decent hour (nine thirty) and took Missy to an interview down at UK. (she didn't get the position, but they did love her and would have hired her but the position was for a upper level computer science student, so they needed her enrolled in at least one class at annoying that the fact that she is done with her degree meant she COULDN'T take this job...) Anyway, it was good experience for her to have the interview.... then we ran Nick his lunch (great wife) and went home to watch something along the lines of Project Runway....when I walked out of the house a few hours later, I realized I HAD A FLAT TIRE! How annoying is that?? Let me tell you, it isn't nearly as annoying as when Nick got home to change the tire (Come thought I might CHANGE the tire??) the spare refused to come off the bottom of the car. Apparently something broke...I don't really know, but I do know that it led to an angry husband...anyway, we left home in the Buick for the Birthday party...which I will cover tomorrow. So, that basically catches you up on the vacation.

So I am thinking I love this staying home stuff. And I think I would be a great stay at home wife....AND I am thinking what I SHOULD do is a little more laundry, clean up the house, turn off the TV and get dinner on the table before 9pm for me to convince my husband that I am good at this....I don't think he is ever going to buy it...


  1. You are good at it ... you are very gifted ... I can tell!

    Love Dad

  2. Sounds like a great week. I am planning a similar week during my spring break. I might go out to lunch a couple of times, though. Just so I don't get too exhausted from all the housework. Haaaaaa.