Saturday, March 29, 2008

New X-Files Movie!

How could nobody have told me this was happening?? I have been hearing about movies like Sex and the City (which I am so excited about) all over the Internet for ages, and yet...somehow the information that a new X-files movie is being made it totally going under the radar! Now I know some of you non-fans might be point out that this show ended like six years ago, and that nobody cares, but you are wrong! Nick and I care. Nick and I care plenty!!

Anyway, for you other X-file fans out there, here is the preview! (which totally looks bootleg, but I cannot seem to find the real version to post on here...)

I kinda think the movie looks like it might be a touch scary...I so hope it's good. This is like an old friend coming to visit who you haven't seen in ages. Amazing how we get so attached to characters on TV...anyway, hope you all are looking forward to it too! Nick and I restarted the entire series back at the beginning of the year. We are just finishing the first season...looks like we have a lot of episodes to watch before July 25th!

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  1. I could not have told you, because I had no idea either!! That is so exciting - we LOVE the X-Files. I'll have to tell Tom immediately.