Saturday, March 22, 2008


Man, this week has flown by. I really did mean it when I said I would post "tomorrow" about Dale's 50th's just...I haven't really sat down at the computer since the last post on Tuesday. How crazy is that? I would have thought with all my free time I would have been on the computer a ton, but turns out, when I have lots of other options, like seeing friends, shopping, watching TV...those things seem to win the fight for my attention!

On a productive note, I did manage to scrub my entire house from top to bottom (we are talking washing base boards and chair rails here people....okay, you all might wash those like every month or something (how often are you suppose to wash them...(did you notice this is my third set of parentheses inside a set of about getting off topic)))ANYWAY, the house is clean. I LOVE it. And I can even say now that it is wasn't that hard and I should keep it looking like this that it has been said the house can officially go back to normal. Which might be good so I can stop obsessively picking up each piece of lint I see while repeating in my head "pretty house, pretty house"...okay I am not chanting, but I AM a little over obsessed with keeping it perfect as long as possible.

The need for the ultra clean house was two fold. First, I had to prove my merit as a stay at home wife. Second, (and this is the big one) we were getting the house reappraised. It has been a couple of years, so the entire addition is new. We are not wanting to borrow any more money, but a lower payment would really be nice. Right now our loan is an adjustable rate mortgage, so we are wanting to get it fixed, with a percentage down around 6ish. The percent will depend on the length of the loan, which will depend on the value from the appraisal...bla bla bla. Only real point is that on my vacation I managed to get the house clean, AND get an appraisal AND meet with the banker about the refinance! Yea me!!

I have done other random things, but that is the big check mark off the to do list that was accomplished by having the vacation. So now I will leave you with a few birthday pic's. What's that? This post has been nothing about Dale's birthday?? Um...right. Maybe I should post the pic's tomorrow...yeeeesssss...then I will pull out yet ANOTHER post while on vacation....okay. Back tomorrow with very few, very unexciting birthday party pic's! (tempting, right??)

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  1. OMG, I have totally done the lint picking up thing. You want it to stay in that pristine condition! Unfortunately, that does not last very long.