Friday, March 7, 2008

Step One

Well, today we will take the first real step in our first real month of IUI (intra-uterine insemination). I guess the Clomid could be considered step one, but I decided starting my steps posts with the number two would make you feel you had missed something. (Yes, there is a good chance this will be the only one, but I like to sometimes believe I am going to stick with a strategy on posting...). Anyway, I am going to the doctor today to get an ultrasound to see how my egg(s) are doing and get the date I should be ovulating. I am not extremely optimistic that they will be able to see anything today, but I will be happy to go and take a look!

The problem is that today is only day ten of my cycle, and although I am sure Clomid is a magical drug, I am just not positive it will be able to make me ovulate on a nice normal day like fourteen in it's very first month. Could be totally wrong here, but I am expecting them to take a look, say it is to early, and tell me to come back next week.

Once they figure out when I am ovulating, they will pinpoint the day, and I will be given a shot to take at home the night before. That will all be step two, so I will share that later. Don't want to bore you with to much fertility talk all at once! I will tack on here, just as an update, that I am exhausted. Like fall asleep at the computer tired. I worked in the main lab again yesterday and am clocking a lovely amount of overtime. Unfortunately I do work this weekend (Fortunate for the money, unfortunate for the tired factor) but I have a glorious week off coming up here soon. Cannot wait.


  1. Stop counting your days!!!!Only because I don't want't you to get crazy worried. Let the Dr. count for you....-Relax it will all work out

  2. Hang in there Sarah! I'm anxious to hear how things work for you! I'll be praying. Remember that God knows the desires of your heart!