Friday, March 7, 2008

Step One B

Just a quick update. The doctor today could totally not see anything productive. He said I had a "few VERY small follicles", but at this point there is no way to tell if they will develop and I will just ovulate late, or if I am simply not ovulating at all this month. I could see in his evil mad scientist eyes that he thinks I am not ovulating, but I don't think so. My cycle has been running long, and I think it still is. We will see Monday, which is when I am going back for phase two of part one, a second ultrasound.

He did inform me that if I was to not ovulate, he will then just increase my dose of Clomid for next month. Come to find out I am taking 50mg per day right now, but could work my way up to 250mg per day! Good lord. I am sure you will hear some serious complaints of mood swings and hot flashes if I am taking five of those pills a day!

So that is it. We are buckling down for the "most snow we have seen in a decade". I am still a skeptic, but we will see. We went out to dinner, and the roads are most definitely getting bad. I am just not as sure we are going to break the six inch mark. Time will tell...I really hope we do. I love a good snow storm!


  1. It's 10 and the roads are not perfect but they really are not too bad yet. It seems like ice will be more of the problem. I have my fingers crossed for a big storm and then I want to say goodbye to winter

  2. Brrr! It makes me thankful I am in Florida, though we did have tornadoes in the area today.

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