Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Home Safe

So I made it back to my house safe and sound. I am pretty sure that is the first time in my life I have actually worked all night. Due to the nature of my job, with short hold times and with being at the mercy of the weather, I have commonly had to be there in what I consider the middle of the night. Three in the morning is common, but this was ten at night. That meant leaving our lab at 8:30. After working the majority of the day on Monday! I did manage to grab maybe an hour of sleep before I went, but I had constant phone calls from the lab coming in with updates (HELLO. Let me sleep!!) and then Nick called at seven. I hadn't spoken to him up in Pittsburgh that day, so I talked to him for a while about the audit and the night ahead. By the time I was off the phone the nap was over.

Poor Justin did not sleep at all. His dog would not leave him alone. Thank god we trained Ellie to be the laziest dog alive, and when we want to sleep she is always ready to go. commonly when I walk in the bedroom to put something away she runs in a break neck speeds and jumps in the bed. So ready for a nap. I distinctly remember when she was a puppy, and I wanted to take a nap after a late night of drinking and what not. She was running around, and I called her over...and just lightly pushed her down. She got back up, ready to go. I was like, "No, no baby girl. It is nap time!" A couple more attempts and she figured it out. Sleeeeeeeeeep. Now that dog can go from turbo play mode to "oh is it nap time?? Thank GOD" in like four seconds. Lovely.

The actual work was fine. We were very very busy, and when the crew came in at six in the morning we were ready to be done. We stuck around a little longer to help with the transition, but then hit the road. the second crew was not so happy about us leaving, but they didn't have the hour and a half drive...and they had slept in their sweet beds that night, so I don't really care. I am so glad I had Justin with me on the drive home. God knows we were both about to drop, but he kept the conversation going, and was even nice enough to suggest it might be good for us to stop and get some food to wake us up.

Okay...he really suggested this after I accidentally took an exit that put us right beside a Waffle House, but either way we both thought some coffee and food would help. I did inform him that eating a BLT for breakfast was just plain crazy, to which he answered, "When ELSE would I ever eat a BLT???" Hopeless. Obviously you eat a BLT for LUNCH after you have had the big country breakfast that included the bacon! He did inform me that he has never seen anyone get gravy on their hash browns...what the hell. He considers himself country! And yes the Waffle House now sells gravy....and yes the waitress of the Waffle House also informed me that she has never been asked to put gravy on hash browns....go figure.

Anyway, this is really turning into a long post about nothing at all! We got back into town around 8:30, and I really thought I might have a hard time getting to sleep. That was right up until my head hit the pillow, I thought to myself, "I guess it's the caffeine...I am just not that tired..." and the next thing I knew it was two in the afternoon. It was possibly the deepest sleep I have ever had...Nick got home last night, and I had no problem going right back to bed at midnight and sleeping until 8:15 this morning. Back on track already!

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