Thursday, March 13, 2008

Body Parts

I have been working my tail off lately. Today was the end of our two week pay period and I have logged in...wait for it....102 hours. ONE HUNDRED AND TWO HOURS!! These are the days that I am so happy that I am hourly. When I clocked out today Justin was like, "Yeah...they are going to have a problem with that!" I don't think they will. I mean, we had the Audit, then we went right into the huge rain project at the main lab....then I worked this weekend, and THEN this past week the GM was on vacation and we had to cover. It has been a serious two weeks. It isn't like I have been sitting around just racking up the overtime while playing Bejeweled 2 (yes I included a link. Yes I used to be totally addicted to this game when I worked at the hospital...).

Anyway, the point is that they actually NEEDED me to get all that work done. I will say that now I am so very ready for some time off. Tomorrow should be my Friday off, but I am working so I can take Monday. Why you ask? Well, I happen to have four days of vacation I must use. Our time off runs out after a year, and somehow I have not used all my days. This means that after tomorrow, I am off for an entire week!! I honestly cannot remember the last time I had this long off work. Even for the wedding, I came back and worked the next weekend. This will be nine uninterrupted days of vacation. So. Excited.

But, the actual story for this post is not that I am tired of work. That just came out as one long rant as soon as I sat down. Odd. Anyway, what I actually sat down to tell you was that I got an interesting call at work today. This woman called, and I pick up. I am in a mad rush, no time for chit-chat. She asks what tests we run. I hold back the serious urge for a deep sigh. MY GOD DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT?? Ask me do we do ______. Ask me if we do environmental testing....DO NOT SAY "WHAT DO YOU ALL DOOOOOO?" on the busiest day ever.

So I start telling her. Rattling off tons of tests, telling her we run many more in the main lab...bla bla bla. Here is where it got a little entertaining for me. She says "I know you do tests on water. What else do you test?". I see where this is going. We do not do drug testing. We do not do paternity testing. These are two very common phone calls. Amazingly, this is not what she asks me. She asks..."Do you test Body Parts??" The look on my face must have been something special because now I have both Tarp and Justin's attention as I say, "Um, I'm sorry...I don't know what exactly you mean....but we don't do ANY testing on body parts here..." and then she says, "So you don't, like, test for them?" me, "For body No we don't."

After I hung up the phone I seriously wanted to know what in the hell this woman had that she needed tested! Did she HAVE some unidentified body part?? Did she think some part of her body needed testing. I have to say that I wish this call had come on a day I wasn't as busy...then I might have asked a few more questions. But honestly, who DOES test body parts?? I couldn't even send her in a direction...


  1. And here I thought people only called
    with crazy questions in retail!!! Hee
    hee hee...

  2. I played the original Bejeweled a lot at one of my former jobs, but that was because I couldn't stand the people I worked for and wished to look busy even when I wasn't :)

  3. With the news of finding drugs etc in the drinking water maybe just maybe she knows of bodies or parts that have been dumped to close to our water

  4. Body Parts....Yuck! Can you imagine waiting for the Fed Ex guy if you added "body parts" to you testing schedule! What a crazy call!