Saturday, March 1, 2008

Never Ever Ever Okay...

Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days. The combination of the audit and the endometriosis has taken over my life. I did start taking Clomid yesterday. I have heard many bad things about this drug, but since I have been on much stronger doses of hormones before I really thought it would be fine. I mean, it says hot flashes are a side effect, but NOTHING could be worse than the Lupron hot flashes....I mean, I carried around one of those little pocket fans for six months. It could also make you extremely emotional, but yet again, what could be worse than the time I SOBBED for days over the dog dying on Futurama...(and Nick was so sweet and understanding that it just might have something to do with the Lupron as I sobbed, "But BABY....*gasp for air* could he just *gasp* DIIIEEEEE?!?!" *sobs begin again*). I will remind those of you who don't know, that Futurama is in fact a cartoon. It was serious.

I am now on day two of the Clomid (I take one pill a day for five days to make sure that I ovulate correctly) and I must say I am not a big fan. I am not having any hot flashes or mood swings as far as I can tell (but it is only day two....but there are only five days total...right) but I am having some serious dizziness issues. I feel all light headed, and just....woozy. Then sprinkle in a touch of nausea. It's not sob-over-cartoon-dog-while-carrying-pocket-fan bad, but I still don't like it.

So, besides all the fertility stuff, I can only think of one thing to tell you. Something that has been haunting me since Missy and I watched it on TV yesterday. Do you all watch Project Runway? I actually don't watch it either, but Missy is a big fan. I was watching it with her, and this designer made this jacket. This jacket that was trimmed...with HUMAN HAIR. Seriously. Somehow little mister Chris March thought it was a genius idea to use HUMAN HAIR as the fur trim. Oh, it makes my skin crawl. long nasty hair all around your neck, wrists and waist...what if it rained?? WET HUMAN HAIR all around you...oh it is just really bothering me. Who on earth would drape themselves in someone else's hair?? ( I did have a theory that JLo will be wearing this soon, or putting it on the twins, but she's from the block, so she can wear anything she wants...) I know you wanna see a picture of the nasty human hair jacket...
So that's it. I am sure you all wish I hadn't shared, but if I have to know about it, then you have to know about it too!


  1. gross, shower & hives is all that comes to mind

  2. It's avante garde couture, it's not meant to be worn. Now if it were claimed to be "ready to wear" then you could mock it, but a runway show like that on project runway is mostly about showing off what you can do, not what you can wear.

  3. God, Sarah. I can't believe you didn't know it was AVANTE GARDE COUTURE and not meant to be worn. You are so, like, totally, out of it. I still think human hair trim is odd even if it's not going to be worn.

    Hope you will be feeling better soon.

  4. THAT'S DISQUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Am I the only person that assumed when clothes were made...that they are intended to be - I don't know - like WORN??) Poor little things we are!

  5. Um, wow! GROSS, GROSS, GROSS!!

    On a better note, glad you're feeling better!! Hope the new drugs continue to not bother you too much!