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By far the most popular posts on Bio Girl are the ones involving themed birthday parties.  BY FAR.  Like, it is almost a little sad that all these words and stories I write do not hold a candle the traffic draw of some homemade party supplies. But whatever, I will take traffic however I can get it!  and to be honest, I am SERIOUSLY proud of these parties.  So might as well be happy about people seeing them and borrowing ideas, right?

Anyway, I figured since so many people are here looking for party ideas, I would make it easy and put up a list of each party with a description and a link.  Just to be nice.  So you people here who never read me but want to know how to make an Angry Bird Birthday cake, this page is for you!

  • Zelda Breath of the Wild Party: Includes  Guardian Pinata, Sheikah Slates, Archery, Cooking, Potion making, Shrine Quests, and lots of decorations!
  • Harry Potter Party: Includes classes, wands, potion making, Voldemort Pinata, and lots of great house decorations!
  • Lego Party: Includes large race track, Lego games and decorations.
  • Pirate Birthday Party: Includes pirate ship and cannon, walk the plank, toss the ring on hook, a pirate ship cake, swords, and lots of pirate decorations! 
  • Nintendo Land Birthday Party:  includes homemade versions of NintendoLand mini games: Yoshi's Fruit Cart, Metroid Blast, Balloon Trip and a coin plunko game. Also has Nintendo Land symbols on cupcakes, an 8 bit Mario wall, Mario mustaches and Mario and Luigi hats!
  • Angry Bird Birthday: includes a life size Angry bird game, hand painted balls,  angry bird birthday cakes, pin the beak on the bird game, feed your angry bird craft, a pig fruit bowl and a streamer wall.
  • Minecraft Birthday: This isn't even my party, but it gets SO MUCH TRAFFIC that I figured I would include it!  Has Minecraft party games, a giant Minecraft head the kids wore for pinata, spiders on the ceiling, a Minecraft cake, Minecraft tshirts, it was adorable. Good job Aunt Nicole!
  • Frozen Birthday Party: Includes frozen castle cake, Do You Want to Build a Snowman game, snowflake chocolate suckers, centerpieces, and lots of Frozen decorations!
  • Cowgirl Birthday Party: Includes decorating at a park shelter, cowgirl hats, sheriff stars, mustaches, Wanted photo booth, and a pinata 
  • Mad Scientist Birthday Party: Includes lab coats and safety glasses, brain cake, and experiments
  • Michael Jackson 30th Birthday Dance Party: Includes a steamer wall, a 30th birthday picture collage, cassette tape light boxes, center pieces with pictures and a year on one side and fun facts about the birthday girl on the other,  hats, gloves, dancing, DJ's... it was a great party.
  • Toy Story Birthday: includes a cake I am pretty proud of, some adorable alien boxes and Rootin Tootin Birthday water bottles.
  • Sesame Street Birthday: Some good looking cupcakes of Elmo, Oscar and the cookie monster... that's about it with the sesame street theme, but it was a cute party!
  • Harry Potter Birthday: This is another one by Aunt Nicole, but it was great!  Includes a spell book cake, broom stick gift bags, Gryffindor ties, potion making and a transfiguration games!
  • Ladybugs Birthday: adorable ladybug cake and birthday sign.  Not pictured was the pin the spot on the ladybug game and the adorable thank you cookies which were dipped in chocolate to look like lady bugs...I wasn't as good at taking pictures back then!
  • Barney Birthday: A party at the park, cute barney cupcakes and purple and green decorations!
Look! I won an award for my parting throwing abilities :)

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