Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Captain Henry's Pirate Birthday Bash!

Two years ago I really thought we were as big as we would ever get with the Angry Bird Birthday. I reassured myself thinking, well THIS was crazy, but at least we got it out of our system while he was little. Then last year he picked Nintendo Land, and I knew Nick was going to get really into it, but that's okay! He's just four. We will dial it back next year. And then we started talking Pirate Party...and I realized  that this is just who we are.  We are crazy birthday people.  We think of something like, say, an actual working cannon, and where normal people might say "Nooooo..." we say "That sounds sorta cool...." So, here were are. The crazy birthday people. Welcome to our favorite day of the year...
Our five year old Birthday Boy!
A pirate ship cake, with cannon candles, because why not?  This cake was very nearly a shipwreck disaster.  As we finished up decorating it we noticed a small crack... that then got bigger and bigger and then 'CRAP HOLD IT UP!" See that box in the back?  Yeah, it's totally holding the cake together.  Stack 4 layers of cake only on one side at your own risk... But still, pretty cool, right?
Here is the cannon... it shot 2-liter bottles....
And the fine ship, The Salty Owl.  (Our neighbors happen to cut down their old privacy fence last week and Nick saw nothing but opportunity in that old pile of wood)

If you are curious if it actually worked, here is a video, including the taking down of the ship where the crows nest drops and spills treasure.  Seriously, sometimes Nick amazes me.
Other games included walking the plank... (I drew those signs!  I mean, they might not be as impressive as a working cannon, but still.  PROUD)
That is an actual pit full of water that Nick dug... just in case you were curious.  The kids had to walk out on the plank and grab their pirate bandanna in order to move on to the next pirate map obstacle on the way to the treasure
I am happy to report the plank was able to hold an adult as well... 
Bandannas were quickly put to good use
Next up, in order to win a sword they had to toss a ring on the hook!
I am happy to report every pirate was successful
Oh, they got eye patches too...
Next up was firing the cannon
Which I am sure you are shocked to hear they were VERY EXCITED ABOUT
Just after taking down the left side of the sail (Nick has everything rigged so that when it was hit it would drop... I can't even...)
The dropping of the crows nest...
The mad dash for treasure.. (Henry wins!)
It's a madhouse!
Our pirates and the ship builder with the now defeated Salty Owl
Then there was sword fighting...
And birthday cake
nun chuck practice (SAFE!)
All in all, a perfect pirate party!

And now for lots (and lots) more pictures!

Mama and Papa with the birthday boy
What party is complete without special bottle labels?  Most, actually. But not this one!
The kids table!  
Adorable Thank Ye Matey suckers made by Nanny!
Captain Henry
Charing and Carter
Nana and Henry
Cory, Wes and Liz

Aunt Boo and Uncle Chris
Ryan and Arielle

Me, stealing some baby Freddy time!
Aunt Candice and Lucas
Grandaddy and GrandVal
Nanny and Papaw
Great Grandma stealing a quick hug 
James with his treasure
Aunt Nicole, Uncle Chris and Nieem
my girls
Grayson and his Mama
Charing with Freddy
Henry and Hawk

A proud Mama and Papa


  1. You guys totally rock and I am so jealous! We're planning Oscar's first party this summer (I'm calling it "All the 3s" as we're also going to throw in the fact I turned 30 this year and Tim turned 33 and he completely missed his 30th as I was so sick when pregnant... and as Oscar is number obsessed I'm sure he'll approve!) But seeing all your amazing party ideas I find myself thinking that I really need to put a lot more thought into this ;)

    Seriously, though, what an awesome party you throw. What a lucky boy Henry is. Now wonder it's your favourite day of the year!

  2. You guys do rock! Will you please be my party planner?
    Please and thank you.

  3. This was a great party! Grayson still talks about this one :-)

  4. This was a great party! Grayson still talks about this one