Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This and That and Nothing at All

So this past weekend, a three day holiday weekend at that, we somehow found ourselves with absolutely no plans.  Do you know how insane that is?  Nick and I are pretty sure it is the first weekend in 2014 that we haven't had official plans on the calendar.  (No doubt about it if you count homework and surgery recovery as 'plans'.)  Some people out there might be depressed to find they have no holiday weekend plans, but when people asked us what we were doing we joyfully announced "NOTHING AT ALL!!  It will be SO GREAT!"

And it was. 

Three nights in a row I actually cooked dinner, twice using the grill, because come on... MEMORIAL DAY.

We walked down to the Farmer's Market, and on the walk back Henry and Cici ate half a basket of strawberries.

Henry and I rode our bike/big wheel to the park, then stayed as long as we liked, with no rush to be anywhere else.

We bought a new rug!  Oh the joy of being an adult and finding joy in a new rug.  It's BEAUTIFUL!  (It's just an ivory shag rug, but BEAUTIFUL IVORY SHAG!) 

We replaced the garbage disposal!  Even more adult!  Even more boring!  I was THRILLED!

I weeded the flower beds and Nick worked on a new stone path to the back yard.

I read an entire book.  (The Orphan Train.  Excellent.)

Now that I think about it, that doesn't sound much like a weekend of nothing, it sounds rather full.  But there were no time restraints and no plans.  It felt like summer, and it was exactly (EXACTLY) what we all three needed.


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