Monday, May 12, 2014

Did I Mention I was Graduating??

I feel like I have been talking about my impending graduation for the last six months. Ever since I completed my capstone (which is now uploaded onto UK's website if you are interested in reading it!  Anybody? Anybody??) it seems I keep posting something about how I am aaaaaalmost finished. Well, as of this weekend I am officially, totally, without a doubt DONE with my Master's in Public Health!  I even have pictures in my cap and gown to prove it...

Master's of Public Health 2014
And more specifically, ME.
Look!  We did it!

Me with my good friend Radmilla

 Right after the ceremony with Nick and Henry
Plus Mom, Dad and Cici...
Good lord, how many people did I make come to this three hour event?  (THANKS FAMILY!!)
After the actual graduation, the College of Public Health had a reception and they gave out awards.  Amazingly I won the award for student with the post potential in public health research.. Here is me, AMAZED to have won something!  I am truly so honored to have been recognized.
Do you like how I skillfully remove my last name from things?  Clearly I am not winning any awards in photoshopping...

Our little family at the reception
with Boo and my Mama

Later that night a group of us went out celebrating and had such a great time!
The guys came too...
Me and Candice at dinner
Boo and Charing
Boo and Chris at the bar we went to after dinner...because one stop didn't seem like enough for the graduation that never ends!

It was a great night!!


Plus, yesterday we celebrated Mother's day with Nick cooking brunch for me, mom, boo and the kids, THEN Nick, Henry and I heading out to an amazing dinner.  It was another amazing day with my amazing family. and it was a seriously good weekend to be me!


Now we are quickly switching gears because someone has a pretty BIG DAY TOMORROW...
 (Spoiler alert: Today is the last day I have a four year old...)



  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I am so so happy for you my friend!

  2. Congratulations! Very well done! And now? What's next? Love, Fran

  3. Congratulations! I'm off to read your capstone (which I have been eagerly anticipating).