Friday, May 23, 2014

Mark and April's Wedding!

So it turns out that last weekend was actually pretty busy.  Not only did we have Henry's birthday party (!!!) but we ALSO had Mark and April's wedding!  A wedding I was actually in!!  So, you know... it was sorta a big deal.

( I mean, it's a big deal either way because LOVE and MARRIAGE and FAMILY and all that, but since this LOVE and MARRIAGE and FAMILY also had ME READING IN PUBLIC, it felt pretty monumental to me personally on many levels.)
Why am I talking about me?  Let's talk about them!  How adorable are they??
The wedding party
My aunt, uncle and family.  Love them!
Boo, Liz and I.  Boo was also a reader.  What we do, we do together...
Liz and her boy
So the wedding was a catholic wedding, and I myself am not catholic, so I rarely (never) go into Catholic churches... turns out they are beautiful!  You Catholics know how to build places.
The priest was awesome and the entire ceremony was just so sweet.  I loved every single second of it! (I am sure you are shocked...)
After the wedding we headed to the... wait for it... Reception!  
The newest married couple !
Liz, Cory and Wes, all part of the wedding party!
These three had a blast!
Nick and I (with Cory photobombing us in the background...)
Boo and Chris
Nanny and Papaw with Cici
You think Henry looks up to Wes?  Just a little??
My Nana with her girls
Mama and her boy. (there are lots of pictures of MEEEE, but then again, I was a reader...a very important role)
First Dance.  I am really pleased with this picture...
Father daughter dance.  Also love this one...
And this one as well.
Okay, I love them all!

Congratulations Mark and April!  We are so happy for you!

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