Thursday, May 15, 2014

An Interview with a Five Year Old

So continuing on with our annual birthday traditions (I know...),  I present to you Henry's 5th birthday interview! Before we begin, I feel the need to explain that I have set rules for this annual interview, mainly that it is done in a single take, and is unedited.  This rule stems from the fact that I tried to do this when he was three, and we did around a dozen attempts before I gave up and no official interview was completed.  Now I just let what happens happen, and embrace it as a glimpse of him on his birthday!

This year it goes off the rails a little around 45 seconds in, but it's worth sticking it out for his Rocky style shout out to Cici at  2:57.  I have watched it a dozen times and it never gets old. 

So there you have it!  The last of the three birthday traditions. (You can find his slideshow here, and his letter here!) 

Now we are working on his birthday party, which is going to be epic. I thought we would downgrade this year, what with so much going on, but Nick strongly disagreed, so EPIC IT IS!  Honestly we love it.  We are insane, but at least we found each other.

Come back Monday to see the madness.

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