Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Henry's Lego Birthday Bash


Well, if you haven't noticed, Henry turned six last week and once again we decided to sorta go all out on the birthday shenanigans.  I will say this one was a little more stressful than years past, but I think that was a combination of terrible weather predicted (RAAAAAAAAIN) and the house remodel project that back up to the main event. I think Nick and I were both about to drop by the time the party actually started, and I seriously could have burst into tears when exactly at 5pm the clouds parted and the sun came out.
 Henry watches for party guests as the rain comes down...

 Guys, it was POURING DOWN RAIN all day leading up until the party.  And at 4:58pm we looked outside and were like "Um... it stopped".
Thank goodness!  We NEEDED access to the back yard!
None of the actual outside decations made it out, but who needs table clothes and what not anyway?  We had Legos!  And kids!

And... swings!  I love this picture so much
The kids got so much use of of the swing set, we honestly could have let them just spend the entire party playing on that.  But none of that around these parts, we had GAMES!  Slightly complicated games, but it all seemed to work out and the kids had fun, so that's what matters!  We started with each kid getting a lego person to take through the party.  At each game the earned a new lego brick, so at the end they could build a bridge. 
 Check out the race track Nick built...
Kids randomly picked different lego vehicles and rolled dice to find out the board they had to try to jump through.  It. Was. Awesome.

A video of the track in action!
Here is the lego food race in action, although the details aren't clear in the pictures.  They raced around to different stations to get their lego person all the needed food and drinks before racing back to the finish line.

We then had a firing squad where each kid fired a lego cannon at three bad guys.  I thought it might be a little morbid, but OH WELL!

For their final bricks they got to play a Lego pinko game, which is awesome and I think we will just keep forever.
Who doesn't like pinko?
After that game each kid got to build their bridge and put their lego guy on top.

Nick and Matt had made a pretty set where the bridge could all cross over dangerous alligators, skeletons, spikes and fire to get to the finish line, which was Henry's birthday brownies. 
He was a happy birthday boy
Making wishes
A last shot of the birthday bridges, which does not to do coolness of this thing justice.  I love how each person at the parties little lego guy is there to be part of the final display and the kids really seemed to love how it tied the party together.
And here are the rest of the lego brownies. Just regular brownies with M&Ms on top, then with colored icing melted and poured over.  they really were adorable.
And a quick (the only!) picture of the three of us during the party.

Food table and another giant 6
Kids table!
I made bottle labels and hadded them to root beer, Crush, and Ale-8-One.  the end result had it looking a lot like a frat party by the end of the party what with all the glass bottles laying around.
Mom made these lego suckers for thank yous
They were a hit :)
Now for some more pictures... Henry and Nieem being adorable
School friends waiting to play the games
Henry checking out the ramp
My boards put to good use as the targets for the ramp game
Nick, giving game instructions
Matt and Blair came in all the way from South Carolina! They walked in the door and we put them to work.  Let's see if they ever come back...
Nana also flew in from Florida to celebrate our boy.  So happy she got to be here with us!
Henry with his Grandaddy and his awesome homemade baseball bat.  Amazing!
Me and Boo
Everyone likes swings

A little of the decorations.  I didn't do a great job taking pictures of them all..
Silly faces
Henry with Nanny and Papaw
Ryan and Freddy...almost big enough to play the part games!
Someone was SO happy Matt was in town :)
Candice and Lucas
Grandaddy and GrandVal
Papa putting cars back together so they can go down the ramp again
Chris and Matt
Nick with Henry and Ethan

Happy happy birthday, sweet boy.  You are so stinking loved.