Thursday, May 21, 2015

Signs of Life

Guys, I cooked dinner.  Not once, but TWICE this week.  IT IS ONLY THURSDAY.  There are like, still three more days that I could cook!  (Not that I will, but I COULD.) 

Last night while I was prepping dinner for the grill Nick and Henry played catch and practiced hitting the t-ball in the back yard.

Laundry is actually caught up and the house looks decent. (Not perfect, but I mean, come on)

The yard is mowed and our back yard looks pretty awesome.

I published three blog posts in three days and have ANOTHER one I may post tomorrow. (All of a sudden I have SO MUCH TO SAY)

Last night I read several chapters of a book.  (Girl on a Train. So far so good.)

After several insane months I feel like we are finally coming up for air.  AND IT IS AMAZING.  Five more days of Kindergarten, then it is officially summer.  It is already feeling pretty summery around here and we are loving every second.

You  might see this picture a lot around here.  It is an all time favorite.  Thanks Aunt Nicole for capturing it at Henry's birthday!


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