Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kindergarten Graduation

Henry's kindergarten class had their end of the year ceremony today and it was quite possibly the greatest, sweetest, most tear inducing program ever assembled.  Of course, I walked in, pulled out my camera, and realized the battery was completely dead.  No worries though, I had my phone!  I videoed the entire thing and the camera only shook a little as I WEEPED OPENLY throughout the 20 minute event.  I mean, the program started out by them playing the song "Let Them be Little" as they all walked into the room. Were they just TRYING to make us all cry? (Yes. And it worked) And then they sang "You are my Sunshine" with hand motions! I sang that song to Henry basically every day for the first two years of his life!  THEN Mrs. Turner read this book Let me Hold You Longer by Karen Kingsberry... OH LORD THIS BOOK... it was all about parents trying to know when it's the last time your child does something, the last bottle, the last time they ask to be picked up, the last day of kindergarten, the last little league game .... I mean, I am actually crying right now sitting here writing about it.  IT WAS THAT EMOTIONAL. 

Henry was so sweet throughout the program, grinning from ear to ear.  I would show you... you know, on the video.  But unfortunately my phone had some type of major melt down (I think it ran out of memory) and somehow the entire video has disappeared.  It was... rather upsetting. I am going to avoid going into all the things I have done to try to recover that video and instead say how insanely grateful we are that Henry knew what he was doing when he made a best friend because Luke's parents totally covered for us and took a full video AND got some pictures of my sweet boy.
A lot of great things have happened this school year, but these two finding each other is at the top of the list. (Henry... )

Two more days of school, then they are officially first graders.  How does time move so quickly?

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