Friday, May 29, 2015

Last Day

First day vs Last day of Kindergarten
Hard to believe how much he has grown.
I was teasing him this morning, telling him it was his first day of Kindergarten and talking about all he would be learning.  I told him how he might be nervous, but that he was going to make lots of amazing friends and learn so much this year.  He just laughed and said "I already MADE lots of friends and learned EVERYTHING!"

When I think of the little boy that walked into the first day of school compared with this boy now, I can't really argue with him.  He has learned everything a kindergartner should know.  He is starting to read and can write and do math, but more importantly he is so confident and independent now in a way that seemed impossible last August. 

He is ready for first grade, and as much as my heart clinches a little at the thought, I have no doubt it will be just as successful as this last year has been.  My big boy, he sure is growing up fast.
Thank you, Mrs. Turner, for helping our boy have the absolute best kindergarten experience ever.  Photobucket

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