Monday, June 1, 2015

This and That

So life is continuing to happen, as it tends to do. I sorta thought I would all of a sudden have ample blogging time after class wrapped up, but turns out we are still fairly insane around these parts. You all know how I like to use my number of nights per week cooking as a measure for our busy lives, well last week we went 0-7.  You win some, you lose some.  (Are you all getting tired of hearing of my success/failures at cooking dinner yet?) Anyway, I feel like I have several topics floating around that needs some blogging closure, but I am totally aware that if I don't get them down soon they will all go into that abyss of blog posts that never were.  So, in no particular order, here is a list of what's been happening according to my cell phone pictures.

Lots and lots of this.  And it is only going to take over more of our lives in the next two weeks.  Not that I am complaining.  Guys, I am LOVING this tball team.  Like, I MIGHT be loving it more than anyone else in the house, although we are all three pretty into it. 

This group of boys and their coaches are something special, and we know enough to know we should enjoy it while it lasts because teams like this don't come around often. This team will get a big post in the next couple of weeks, but for now I will just say this is where we are spending a lot of our extra time and energy.

1. Fishing

Over Memorial Day weekend we went fishing and it was awesome.
Cici came too, and managed to catch this epic sized fish.
Also, Boo's big catch
Turns out the size of the fish really doesn't matter as long as they are biting.  We all had a blast.

3. Field Day
I got to go to Henry's field day for a couple of hours the last week of school, and loved every second of it.
Here he is in the pizza box relay looking insanely happy. 

The school isn't into giving participation ribbons, so you only take home a ribbon if you get first place.  That's pretty tough to do, but H was up to the challenge.  He got first in the Beach Ball Derby, where he had to run with another kid while holding a beach ball with only their stomachs.  I was already gone so I didn't see it happen, but even thinking of it makes me smile.

This package arrived and we are SO excited.  The count down in on for our epic family vacation that will last three weeks and have us staying in five different places. We are sort of planning, but mostly just talking about how we CANNOT WAIT TO GO! (Randomly, because I feel like you care, the two blues are actually the same color. The light from the window is just hitting the one on the right)

5. Splatoon
Yep, that's a picture of our TV.  We sent it to Matt to make him jealous and now I am sharing it with you.... a blogging low.  We bought the new game Splatoon and we are all three completely addicted. 

6. Spending time with friends
And for now I will end with this one.  These two just kill me I love them so much.  We had Luke over after practice yesterday and the entire time they were playing together they were calling each other "brother".  My heart melted, just a little.

So that's what's happening around here.  More to come soon.  You know, when things slow down.

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