Thursday, June 11, 2015

Happy Birthday, Little Sister

A few weeks ago Boo and I got out several boxes of Missy's clothes. Most of her things had been sorted through and divided up among those who love her most back when we first lost her, but somehow these few boxes had remained.  I had dreaded going through them, honestly, but once we started, it was sort of nice to spend the day looking at her old things and talking about the memories we had of her wearing different items.  I came home with two bags of her clothes and I have found myself wearing them and smiling nearly every day.  Someone will say they like my dress or my top and I will smile and say "thanks, they were my sisters."  And in those moments, she doesn't feel as far away.

Today is Missy's birthday.  Today is a hard day, one where she feels too far away. So I will wear something of hers and I will try to feel as close to her as I can. We are going to the cemetery early in the day because we have a tball game this evening.  I sometimes think of her at the ball field, cheering Henry on. I think of how she would have loved it, how she did love these babies. and I feel close to her again.  She is with us always, even on days when her being in my heart doesn't feel close enough.

Happy birthday, sweet Missy.  Missing you more than words can say.


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