Saturday, June 20, 2015

Vacation Update (Part 2 of ?): Dolphin Cruise

Vacation is moving right along in that way vacations do.  The boys have been playing video games, I finished one book and am now obsessively researching Disney, since we head that was on Monday. (!)  We have also had lots of time to spend with Nana and Grandpa, adding more random activities to our list such as as tennis and shuffle board.

I don't even know who we are anymore.

Buuuut we also made time for watching random cat videos on YouTube (this one was on the world fattest cat, and this cat in particular weighed as much as Henry), so maybe vacation us and regular us aren't really THAT different.

In addition to these random vacation events, we did go out on a dolphin cruise yesterday!
And on this dolphin cruise we came extremely close to ACTUAL DOLPHINS which, I guess should be expected but was EXTREMELY EXCITING!
We also got quality time with our Nana
And our Grandpa, which was which was awesome.
But also, MANATEES! (that's his nose) and lots of birds like bald eagles (not photographed) 

And did I mention LOTS of dolphins!
The entire thing was really amazing. 
They even let Henry drive the boat

He was excited.

So that wraps up Vacation Update #2. We have the weekend here with Nana and Grandpa then we are off to Disney for three days.  We are so excited!  Fingers crossed for a magical few days in the World of Mickey.

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