Monday, June 8, 2015

Tournement Time (and other summer ramblings)

So it's t-ball tournament week and I am only mildly embarrassed by how into this I am getting.

At least I am not alone. All the kids, coaches, parents, and families are loving this team.  They won on Saturday and Sunday so the next big game is Wednesday and I am positive I am infinitely more nervous than Henry.  Although he hit a ball into the outfield for the first time during this last game so why be nervous?
In addition to tball we have been trying to make the most of every second of summer.  Last night Nick, Henry and I went putt putt golfing, which was awesome. We then walked over to the ice center (next door) and watched some of a hockey game.  Apparently Henry loves hockey now.  Nick says he has a good last name for the sport but I just kept watching people smash each other into the wall and thought about how much I love baseball...
We also got to catch up with Henry's old friend Hudson (and Natalie and baby Ava for me!) over lunch at the park the other day.  The boys haven't seen each other in months (MONTHS!) but they picked up exactly where they left off and it did my heart good to catch up with them.

And that's about it.  But for the first week of summer, I call it a success. 

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