Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Six Year Letter

**You can see this year's birthday photo montage here**

Dear Henry,

What a year it has been.  I can’t begin to wrap up in a single letter how much you have grown and changed over the last twelve months.  I look back to the pictures of you last May and I see the preschooler that you were.  Now, as we wrap up your first year in elementary school I am amazed at what a big boy you have become.  Leading up to your first day of school I would cry thinking of you walking through those big halls alone.  How would you know where to go?  Who would help you?  Your Aunt Boo and the other people working in your school assured me you were ready for this, and sweet boy, you really were.  The very first day I expected tears and holding on but you just smiled and said you would see us after school.  And that was that.  You were a kindergartener. 

That first day, after your Papa and I walked out of Mrs. Turner’s classroom, another person walked in.  He sat down beside you and said “Hi Henry, I’m Luke”.  And just like that, you had met your very best friend.  Sometimes I wonder if it really will be as easy as that, the two of you met, and from now on we will have “Henry and Luke”.  It’s hard to say I guess, since you will both grow and change, and who can guess what the future holds, but for now I will say you are as close as two kindergarteners could ever dream of being.  Your teachers and your coaches all talk about your friendship, and when they do, they always smile.  It is something special to have such a true and loyal friend, and you both seem to know how lucky you are to have each other.  When you see each other, it is as if you have been apart for weeks, not hours.  There is so much joy there, all over both of your faces, and it is infectious. 

You have played a lot of tball this year.  You were on your first tball team during your last birthday, and we already were realizing it was a good fit for you.  You love the team and the dugout, and you enjoy being outside.  You have grown up so much while playing, and it is just another way for me to measure how you are changing.  Your first team was the Cubs, which you enjoyed.  In the fall you played on the Green Cats with Coach Huff, and that was when the love seemed to settle in a little more.  Now, this spring you are on the Cardinals, and you are loving every second.  You reminded us regularly of that undefeated record, so we are really hoping it can continue through the rest of the season.  You love your team mates, especially Luke of course.  You are getting better every time you are on the field, but much more importantly, you are having fun and learning what being on a team is all about.  We are all loving experiencing this with you.

Beyond school and tball you have had a lot of other big events this year.  You were in Matt and Blair’s wedding as their ring bearer.  You carried a box made of Legos and did awesome.  Your Uncle Chris and Aunt Nicole also got married this year, and we were all so excited to celebrate their love.  We went on vacation to visit Nana and Grandpa and Florida and you had a blast.  You got to spend a lot of very special time with your Aunt Boo this year, since she works at your school, and that has been wonderful for you both.  I take a lot of comfort in knowing she is right there with you, and I think you do too.  You and Cici are as close as ever and you are both excited to be at the same school next year.  You have lost four teeth, with the top two coming out just in time for your birthday party this week.  You have spent lots of time with all of your extended family and you just love every single person so much.  How lucky you are to have so many people love you!

Sweet boy, your Papa and I are constantly amazed at what am amazing boy you have become.  You will laugh and play with the two of us and our hearts are filled with so much love.  You and your Papa have so much fun together, and when I see you smile at him I know that you complete our hearts.  You have a kind heart, my boy.  You love animals, especially puppies, kitties, and birdies.  You love to play pretend and I am constantly amazed with your imagination.  You adore Legos, not just putting them together but keeping them and playing with them afterwards.  You build entire worlds from those blocks, and we love watching it happen.  You love video games and would play all day long we we would let you.  You also love watching Pokemon, Pac-man, and The Regular Show.  You love being outside, either going the park or riding your bike or scooter.  You love corn chips, chicken and french fries, and pizza.  Really, you just love life right now, which makes everything so easy.
This year’s letter is long, and yet I feel like there is so much more I could say.  In the end, it wraps up to be that you are amazing, and we love you so much more than I can say in a single letter.  You have filled our hearts and our home with laughter and joy.  You are our sweet Henry, and I couldn’t imagine our lives without you here.  You make every single day better. We love you the whole number. 

Mama and Papa

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