Friday, May 1, 2015

Brain Cancer Awareness Month & #GreyforMissy on May 6th

This morning I woke up and saw I had been tagged in a Facebook post.  One of my mom's dear friends had posted about Brain Cancer Awareness month and wearing grey* for Missy, including a link to last years post. I was so touched.  The entire reason I first started #GreyforMissy two years ago was for the comfort I hoped it would give our family to know you all thought of her; to know you stand with us in the grief over our greatest loss. And that first year your support throughout the month of May, and especially on the actual #GreyforMissy day, was such a comfort for us during our darkest of days.  Last year I was again amazed with how many of you took the time to wear gray and think of our sweet Missy.  Somehow knowing that even a year later you were there, thinking of us and standing with us, was moving beyond words.

I can't believe this is the third May since we lost our Missy.  I can't believe I have lived this long without my baby sister.  This morning I was driving to my parents house to watch the NFL draft with my dad and I passed the cemetery and just started to cry.  How has it been so long since I have seen her sweet face and heard that wonderful laugh?  I think of Henry and Cici and how they have grown over these past two years.  I think of how much has happened, how much she has missed, how much we have missed her, and my heart breaks again and again.  Even now, over two years later, it doesn't seem real.

Brain cancer may not be the most common of cancers, but it is one of the most deadly.  It kills without regard for age, stealing so many people who are far too young to be gone.  My sweet sister is one, and our family will never be the same. 

 Similar to last year, I wasn't sure if I was going to do the #GreyForMissy again.  But seeing the post this morning by someone who was not me, someone thinking of her during this month of awareness, made my heart feel a little lighter.  It made me remember, yet again, how sharing my grief helps lighten the load.  So I will ask you again to please consider wearing #GreyforMissy this May.  The last two years this has been done on May 8th, but I will be a at a conference that day so I am moving our #GreyforMissy day to later in the month. 

 On Wednesday May 6th, please consider wearing Grey for Missy, and for all those who are impacted by brain cancer.  Take a picture and send it to me (biogirl79(at)gmail(dot)com), or tag it on any social media site with #GreyForMissy and I will collect the images and post them here on the 6th.  You can also just post them on the Bio Girl facebook page, or send them to me on twitter or Instagram if you find that easier.  (I am everywhere).

The last two years this has been beyond words, and although I know we may not have as many people participate this time around, each and every picture has touched  my heart and helps me to remember that although her life was too short, it was wonderful, and she has touched so many.

Please also consider making a donation to Brain Cancer research.  Amazing people like my little sister will continue to be lost from this awful disease until a cure can be found.  Your dollars can be the difference. 

*So after setting this entire thing up the first year I realized it is much more common in the US to spell grey with an A, so grAy.  Which... fine.  Whatever.  Spelling has never been my forte, BUT since grEy is acceptable, we are sticking with it.  Let's just consider it fancy, like when people spell Center Centre.  Not a mistake. FANCY.

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  1. I AM ON IT! I wondered if it was happening this year too. I have plenty of grey wanting to come out and play :)

    And we spell it grey and centre (UK English for the win = fancy ;))